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From "Robert Burrell Donkin" <>
Subject Re: ESMEMailet: send eMails to ESME - first user & Install guide published
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2009 08:15:18 GMT

On 1/8/09, Hirsch, Richard
>>is the code coming to apache?
> Not yet. It is currently being moved to the Google Code rep.  It isn't part
> of the ESME core, so it is currently located in the external rep.

If the developers are keen on the idea, I could see what the PMC
thinks about bringing it to James. Can't promise but it would be
in-scope and - providing the code history is clear - just use a
software grant.

>>what did you want to do with JMS?
> I'd like to have the ability to send an ESME message and have a bot pass it
> to via JMS to other applications. I see JMS integration as another way to
> bring ESME into the current enterprise application landscape. If this
> integration is already part of james, I don't want to reinvent the wheel but
> re-use existing Apache-based functionality as much as possible.

IIRC this use case should be already supported in 3.0 (in a limited
way - just JMS rather than additional camel and geronimo integration).
If there's interest, then it might be possible to move the code out
into a separate releasable product.

With a bit of luck I'll be able find some time the weekend to take a look...

>>BTW perhaps should be added to
> To whom must we talk to be added to the planetapache blog?

No one :-)

It's offshore and is defined by documents in subversion. Every
committer should have the private committers repository checked out.
It's explained in there (together with a lot of other useful stuff).




> D.
> ________________________________
> From: Robert Burrell Donkin []
> Sent: Wed 1/7/2009 21:28
> To:
> Cc: Hirsch, Richard
> Subject: Re: ESMEMailet: send eMails to ESME - first user & Install guide
> published
> On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 9:32 AM, Hirsch, Richard
> <> wrote:
>> Hi Robert,
> hi richard
> (i'm subscribing to the dev list so feel free to drop the CC)
>> We talked about an ESME Mailet in December on the General Incubator
>> mailing list.
> (i took a bit deeper look into ESME - and read 'Initial Comments About
> the ESME' which is really pretty cool - and some of the possible
> future directions. i think we may share interests in common - some of
> which i hope to pursue once i'm on sabbatical - but maybe i'll leave
> this for another thread...)
>> I just wanted to inform you that Daniel has created the first version (see
>> below).
> great :-)
> is the code coming to apache?
>> In the email thread from Dec., you mentioned a JMS integration for James.
>> Is this available now?
> depends on what you mean by integration and which version :-)
> the 2.x is the mature stable branch but new features are not being
> developed for it. version 3 has a lot of new features (two years
> worth) but is not yet mature or stable enough to be considered
> production ready.
> full integration means creating a replacement spool using camel
> (probably) but there are some complexities about unique mail
> identities (plus some legacy design) to be sorted out. work hasn't
> start on this yet
> minimal integration (JMS bridge) is working in trunk
> what did you want to do with JMS?
> BTW perhaps should be added to
> - robert

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