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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: Publically editable wiki
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2009 14:54:34 GMT
Robert, Daniel, thanks for the comments.

> documentations is source and any source which makes it into apache
> releases needs to be of known provenance. confluence works well as a
> lightweight way of creating releasable documentation provided that
> everyone who has write access has signed a CLA.

The full implications of "documentation as source" is something I
neglected to pay close attention to.

> Can I ask what the hold up is with the icla's?   If he's going to contribute
> in a meaningful way, he needs to get that in.

Good, I'm now aware of the restrictions. AFAIK, Dick just wants to
make sure his company couldn't have any claims on his contributions.
It's probably a matter of time.

> Anyway, I'd like to here the full use case that you and Richard are trying to
> achieve on a public wiki.   If its potential documentation or web site
> material, then no, it doesn't go on a public wiki and no need to create one.

I imagined a use case similar to when a patch for compilable source
code is sent by a non-committer and reviewed by the committer before
being accepted. I now realize an ICLA is probably required for this
case too. I failed to make the mental jump that even minor changes
like formatting, correcting spelling mistakes and moving content
around in a wiki need to be controlled- and there's no way to put a
line between "minor" and "major".

Comments on the Confluence pages should suffice for our needs for now-
thanks for reminding us!

Thanks again for your patience clarifying the small print. We'll make
sure all of our contibutions conform to the rules.


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