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From Anne Kathrine Petteroe <>
Subject Re: [ESME UI TEAM] Sprint planning call results
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 08:25:05 GMT
Dick and I are already collaborating ;)

Anyone else with any opinions on setting up a task/bug system for the  
UI team?
Should we just use Jira or set up something on Google Code?

- Anne

On 27. jan.. 2009, at 15.15, Bill Fernandez wrote:

> @anne--
> At 1:07 AM +0100 1/26/09, Anne Kathrine Petteroe wrote:
>> I am wondering if it would be better if this sprint would be only  
>> about mapping out the new UI architecture and writing the UI spec?
> BF:  I think that whaterver people are willing/able to do would be  
> fine.
>> I wasn't present on the scrum call, so I was wondering if everyone  
>> agree to proceed exactly like you suggested in your document Bill?
> BF: I tried to reflect accurately what was agreed to.  Anyone who  
> was there is welcome to correct me if I made any mistakes.
>> From the points you listed in your email I would like to take  
>> responsibility for this:
>>> o Beyond that, I was wondering if either of you would undertake  
>>> the task of accumulating requirements, use cases, etc. for the  
>>> back-end admin UI.
> BF:  That would be great.  And as Richard has suggested, what do you  
> think about collaborating with him on this?
>>> o It was suggested that a good way to organize and publish tasks,  
>>> priorities, progress, etc. was to use a Google spreadsheet...
>> I also much prefer a Jira-like system.
>> If we cannot use this, maybe we can set up something on Google code?
>> Spreadsheets are good for gathering initial requirements, but for  
>> the actual work it is a much easier way to track each other's work  
>> through a task system in my experience.
> BF:  (1) I'm new to this so I don't yet have any preferences. (2) I  
> don't have any experience yet with Jira, and don't know what would  
> be "Jira-like".  Do you have any suggestions for a specific system  
> we should use?
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