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From "Hirsch, Richard" <>
Subject Minutes of Apache ESME Scrum call (15/01/2009)
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 08:41:41 GMT
Below please find the minutes of the scrum.
If any one else has comments / change, then please respond via the
mailing list.
Minutes of Apache ESME Scrum call (15/01/2009)
1. Darren Hague
2. Dick Hirsch
3. David Pollack
4. Bill Fernandez
5. Vassil Dichev
Topic: Team Structure
* Idea is that there will be two teams that focus on particular tasks.
Each team will have between 5-10 tasks for each sprint / iteration. 
* Server team: David, Daniel Koller, Darren, Vassil
* UI team: Bill, Mrinal, Anne, (Dick - Use cases). Bill will have his
focus more on specs while team members focus more on coding tasks
* Development iterations: Each should last approx 3 weeks
* Development tasks: Apache Jira combined with Google Spreadsheet. Idea
is that Google Spreadsheet will contain a column with the Jira number.
Discussion of tasks will be done via Apache Jira and esme-dev@apache
<mailto:esme-dev@apache>  mailing list. Other tools outside of Apache
appear to be easier for simple planning-related tasks
Topic: Apache Incubator
1. iCLAs needed from team members in order to commit code / content. Not
all team members have submitted their forms. This should be done as soon
as possible. 
2. There are various tasks associated with podling status: These are
list on the official podling page
<> ). These are more
organizational in character and are still open. Dick will talk to our
mentor about completing these tasks. 
Topic: End User UI
1. The next version of the Web UI will be based on Bill's Spec
2. Bill suggests little steps at first to discover how we "code" as a
3. Bill will map out UI architecture as an initial step.
4. UI-related discussions will take place on esme-dev with a
Subject-prefix "[UI]"
5. UI-related questions for the server team will take place via the
mailing list
6. Bill will talk to rest of UI team to determine the detailed planning
7. Server-related tasks from the UI that are quickly performed ("1-2
hours") will try to be finished in the current iteration. Bigger changes
will be performed in the next sprint.
8. Goal is to create a One JSON-based API for all clients
9. UI-related goals for first sprint: 1)adequate description of UI arch,
2) first phase UI spec. and 3) partial impl - "stretch goal".)
10. General UI roadmap with  order of goals and what needs to be
* List of APIs that do not yet exist - "stretch goal" iterative approach
with its own shorthand 
Topic: Admin UI
1 Our focus on the enterprise means that Admin UI is critical. 
2. Dealing with such issues as configuring, trouble-shooting, settings
(technical, etc.). These tasks are also important for evaluation
3. Use cases still open
4. REST API for Admin functionality is also necessary in order to
support environments where administration-related UIs are already
5. Support for JMX is also a possibility
Topic: Server-related
1. Server-related discussions will take place on esme-dev with a
Subject-prefix "[SERVER]"
2. Important goal: generic code clean-up (package names, apache headers,
3. Other impt goal: make APIs more REST-like
4. Darren: Compass usage via DB
5. Darren: Further work on java API (GetMessages)
6.  Darren: html JQuery model with JSON data
7. Vassil: SVN branch with actions should be rolled into trunk
8. Vassil: look at what other microblogging tools (Yammer, etc.) and
what sort native functionality they offer which is external. The idea is
to see what other functionality could be rolled into the action
9. Vassil:  Continue work on supporting the Twitter API in ESME
10. David: Generic code clean-up
11. David: API: make APIs more rest-like
12. David: Unifying server calls (JSON-related) for ESME
* Scrum call details:  Frequency: 10-15 minutes // 2 - 3 per week //
Variable time based on participants individual situation
* Current sprint end date: Feb 6, 2007.  
1. Bill needs link for ICLA  // Responsible: Dick  // Due date:
16/01/2009  // Completion date: 16/01/2009
2. Admin UI use cases // Responsible: Dick + UI team  //

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