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From Darren Hague <>
Subject Re: AW: [VOTE] Web UI options
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 10:41:31 GMT
Anne / Mrinal,

Can you then start with some work on the existing HTML/CSS files in the Apache SVN repo to
make it look more like Mrinal's UI?  I recommend changing little & often, so that we stay
reasonably in sync - it will probably just be the three of us updating those HTML files for
the next few weeks.

Of course, this means we are producing an intermediary UI after all - just one that is based
on Mrinal's code... :-)

Anne - have you submitted an iCLA yet?  We will need to have you enabled as a committer. Until
then, it's probably best for you to send patches to Mrinal.


>That would be awesome!
>I am all for
>* Skip the intermediary Web UI and concentrate on the "BillF" UI?.
>It makes no sense to me to make an intermediary UI if we can use  
>Mrinal's UI to bridge the gap.
>On 7. jan.. 2009, at 11.17, Hirsch, Richard wrote:
>> We could have a Stax-based version up and running quickly. I just  
>> need the war file from Mrinal.
>> People who view this version must be made aware that this UI  
>> probably won't be available after the BillF UI comes.
>> D.
>> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
>> Von: Anne Kathrine Petteroe []
>> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 07. Jänner 2009 10:59
>> An:
>> Betreff: Re: [VOTE] Web UI options
>> On 7. jan.. 2009, at 10.32, Vassil Dichev wrote:
>>> Generally I shouldn't be trusted about UI decisions, but it doesn't
>>> seem that working on something that will be discarded shortly will  
>>> pay
>>> off. Any pros for using intermediary UI?
>> Pros would be that I need a better looking UI for demo purposes.
>> First of all I have had an interview lined up for 5 weeks already,
>> which I have had to cancel twice because of problems with the COIL
>> server.
>> Now that the COIL server is no longer there, I don't have an instance
>> where I can show off ESME with a better looking UI.
>> Not sure for how much longer I can postpone it.
>> Secondly, my company is very interested in investing in ESME this
>> year, but they don't want to take a second look at it until we have a
>> more contemporary UI than the current one. I feel it would be a pity
>> to throw away a possibility for an investement only because we didn't
>> have a UI.
>> We don't have any competitors here, so if we really want to, we can
>> make it happen.
>> - Anne
>>>> * Skip the intermediary Web UI and concentrate on the "BillF" UI?
>>> +1


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