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From "Hirsch, Richard" <>
Subject RE: [ESME-dev] ESME broken until end of day Wednesday
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2008 15:25:46 GMT
No problem. Is there some way to move the strings in ESME into language-dependent resource
files. We have enough different languages in the team that we could very easily create language-dependent
Are you going to move both "esme-air" and  "esme-lift" trunks to apache or just "esme-lift"?
Good to know that you are going to be changing the UI code- I'll tell my colleagues to wait
before doing any changes. They were starting to consider changing colors to match "our color


From: on behalf of David Pollak
Sent: Sun 12/7/2008 15:33
Subject: [ESME-dev] ESME broken until end of day Wednesday


I've recently made breaking changes to Lift.  Normally, I try to keep ESME up to date with
breaking changes in Lift.  In this case, because we're migrating the code from Google Code
to Apache and because there are a ton of changes I need to make to ESME to extract and encapsulate
the UI code, I'm going to do a bunch of things on Wednesday 12/10:

*	Bring ESME in sync with the latest Lift 
*	Move the ESME server code over to the Apache repository 
*	Remove the existing UI code and replace it with something far more generic and templatable.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


PS -- As a few people have noted, I've got an ESME project over on GitHub.  I did this because
I find that Git's branching is a lot more flexible for playing with things.  I meant this
to be a sandbox/playground for ESME experimentation, especially as I roll federation into

Lift, the simply functional web framework <> 
Collaborative Task Management <> 
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