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From "Hirsch, Richard" <>
Subject RE: [ESME-dev] Re: Model/View separation in ESME
Date Sat, 06 Dec 2008 18:03:21 GMT
Just in case, you didn't notice it. We got a technical comment about our REST-API
(look at the bottom)


From: on behalf of David Pollak
Sent: Sat 12/6/2008 15:26
Subject: [ESME-dev] Re: Model/View separation in ESME

Now... also we should announce/invite people to the new mailing list.

On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 8:51 PM, Hirsch, Richard <> wrote:

	This would also help for those wishing to creating their own corporate skins
	By the way, when do we want to shift these conversations to the apache esme-dev mailing list.
It is already up and running.
	From: on behalf of Darren Hague
	Sent: Fri 12/5/2008 18:08
	Subject: [ESME-dev] Model/View separation in ESME

	A suggestion for model-view separation: I think that Comet render() methods should return
JSON, which can be rendered to HTML by the client. The client HTML should contain a template,
	<table class="messages">
	<!-- This is the template for a single message -->
	 <tr id="esme.message" style="visibility:hidden">
	 <td id="esme.message.body">This is a test message</td>
	 <td id="esme.message.tags">tag1, tag2</td>
	 <td id="esme.message.from">dhague</td>
	<!-- end template -->
	The client side event handler which reacts to the comet.render() would then just parse the
JSON, insert it into a copy of the template, and then add that copy below the template itself
in the DOM, with visibility set to "visible".
	This approach keeps all of the Comet-related markup in the client HTML, and a designer needs
only to toggle style="visibility:hidden" to style="visibility:visible" to see how a message
would look.

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