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From Rainer Döbele <doeb...@esteam.de>
Subject re: empire-db-codegen issues
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2017 07:25:35 GMT
Dear Rainer,

thanks for letting us know about those issues.
Looks like there was something missed in testing.
Also it appears that we have failed to update the documentation accordingly.

We will investigate all these issues and let you know.

As far as the generated code and the compiler error is concerned I have created an issue in
JIRA which you can also do yourself next time you come across such an issue.
I assume that you can simply remove the 2nd and 3rd parameter from the base class call.

Any further questions and suggestions are welcome.


> from: Rainer Pruy [mailto:Rainer.Pruy@acrys.com]
> to: user@empire-db.apache.org
> subject: empire-db-codegen issues
> Hi all,
> I just started using empire-db.
> First thing was a tiny project using a small existing database (3 tables only, no
> views).
> Thus, I set up a codegen configuration using maven in order to reverse
> engineer the database.
> But,
> 1) I learned the hard way that he jdbc parameters need to be specified with
> the inline maven configuration section of the codegen plugin
> as otherwise I sould get an error before the (also) specified configFile is being
> read.
> Is this a known issue?
> If not, please udate your documentation stating accordingly.
> 2) Next I got an abort due to a missing log4j:configuration.
> It turned out that such configuration may be specified with in the config file.
> So, please update your sample config (from the expmple at
> https://empire-db.apache.org/documentation/reverse_engineering.htm)
> to include a minimal config there. Or at least a hint that such an entry may be
> needed.
> 3) Then I succeeded generating Java code.
> But now, the compilker complains about  the constructor of the generated
> base recod class (StatsDBRecord in may case):
> --------------
>     public StatsDBRecord(T table) {
>         super.init(table, DBRecord.REC_EMTPY, null);
>     }
> --------------
> There is no "DBRecord.REC_EMTPY" field and the third parameter of
> super.init() is boolean and fails to accept a "null".
> There seem not to be any report on such failuresfrom others.
> What is going wrong here?
> Would I need to set something with the configuration to get correct code?
> Thanks in advance.
> Rainer
> PS:
> BTW: the web page at
> https://empire-db.apache.org/documentation/getting_started.htm
> is referring to sending email to support@empire-db.org (and I sseem to
> remember other "@empire-deb.org" references somewhere at that site).
> I tried and failed as such address is not exsting.
> So, sombody should fix the documentation to refer to proper emails.

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