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From Rainer Pruy <Rainer.P...@acrys.com>
Subject empire-db-codegen issues
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2017 16:36:09 GMT
Hi all,

I just started using empire-db.

First thing was a tiny project using a small existing database (3 tables
only, no views).

Thus, I set up a codegen configuration using maven in order to reverse
engineer the database.


1) I learned the hard way that he jdbc parameters need to be specified
with the inline maven configuration section of the codegen plugin

as otherwise I sould get an error before the (also) specified configFile
is being read.

Is this a known issue?
If not, please udate your documentation stating accordingly.

2) Next I got an abort due to a missing log4j:configuration.
It turned out that such configuration may be specified with in the
config file.

So, please update your sample config (from the expmple at
to include a minimal config there. Or at least a hint that such an entry
may be needed.

3) Then I succeeded generating Java code.
But now, the compilker complains about  the constructor of the
generated base recod class (StatsDBRecord in may case):

    public StatsDBRecord(T table) {
        super.init(table, DBRecord.REC_EMTPY, null);

There is no "DBRecord.REC_EMTPY" field and the third parameter of
super.init() is boolean and fails to accept a "null".

There seem not to be any report on such failuresfrom others.

What is going wrong here?

Would I need to set something with the configuration to get correct code?

Thanks in advance.


BTW: the web page at
is referring to sending email to support@empire-db.org (and I sseem to
remember other "@empire-deb.org" references somewhere at that site).
I tried and failed as such address is not exsting.
So, sombody should fix the documentation to refer to proper emails.

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