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From Harald Kirsch <Harald.Kir...@raytion.com>
Subject creating constant select statements
Date Fri, 24 May 2013 12:50:19 GMT
Hi everyone,

is there a way to generate constant selects, like in

select "four", 5, "six";

I need this to streamline some code which sometimes has a group by and 
sometimes does not have it. With the group by I naturally get

result1 552
result2 234
result4 222

but when there is no group by I get just one single number, but would 
rather like to have

all 789

Therefore I would like to create a command equivalent for

select 'all', count(*) from ...

Is this possible?


Harald Kirsch
Raytion GmbH
Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 74
40547 Duesseldorf
Fon +49-211-550266-0
Fax +49-211-550266-19

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