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From "mailinglist@j-b-s.de" <mailingl...@j-b-s.de>
Subject Re: Drop tables
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 12:17:04 GMT
Hi Eike, hi Francis!

A) sorry, I did not mention clearly I use Empire in a spring env based on the sample.

B) I am not dropping tables (this works, but misses to drop sequences, indexes and other constraints),
I am dropping a Database. See DBDDLGenerator:218. In case the HSQL DDL generator executes
"DROP SCHEMA PUBLIC CASCADE" this might be a workaround. Or maybe the schema name is set to
"PUBLIC" on creation time (did not try this honestly)

C) code: driver.getDDLScript(DBCmdType.DROP, db, script); // db is a DBDatabase

D) I will download the latest 2.4 and retest. 


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On 09.08.2012, at 12:43, Eike Kettner <news@eknet.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm looking into this today and a few questions popped up :)
> At first, I thought it got forgotten to set the schema name into the
> driver in the EmpireDriverFactory class (as most drivers support this).
> But I found out that the HSql-driver does not. Unfortunately I don't
> have any knowledge about HSQL, so I cannot comment this any further. Is
> it correct for HSQL that its driver is not using a schema name?
> I then added DROP TABLE code to the spring example project and started
> it using HSQL driver. It worked nicely (using the same lines of code
> Francis showed in his last mail from the DBDatabaseDriverHSqlTest).
> @Jens, as Francis already asked, could you provide any stack-trace
> and/or a bit of code that shows this behaviour?
> Best regards
> Eike
> On [Wed, 08.08.2012 22:36], Francis De Brabandere wrote:
>> Hi Jens,
>> Would you mind creating an issue for this on
>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/EMPIREDB - so we make sure this
>> is fixed and tracked in the release notes?
>> Thanks,
>> Francis
>> On 8 August 2012 16:57, mailinglist@j-b-s.de <mailinglist@j-b-s.de> wrote:
>>> HI Eike!
>>> I buy this! I started with this sample and in the meantime figured out we can
use "DROP SCHEMA PUBLIC CASCADE" in the driver in case it is HSQL and dropping a database
is needed.
>>> A fix will be nice. But I can also try to write my own driver factory class...
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>>> On 08.08.2012, at 15:42, Eike Kettner <news@eknet.org> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I think that's a bug in the EmpireDriverFactory class. This class is
>>>> part of the sample project and was created as an example on how it could
>>>> work with spring. Well..., do you actually mean this class from the
>>>> example-spring project?
>>>> If so, I would recommend to not depend on this jar file but rather
>>>> create a new DriverFactory (without that bug :)) class in your project.
>>>> But, of course, the EmpireDriverFactory class in the samples should be
>>>> fixed. I can do that the next days.
>>>> best regards
>>>> Eike
>>>> On [Wed, 08.08.2012 14:51], mailinglist@j-b-s.de wrote:
>>>>> Hi Francis!
>>>>> I digged a bit deeper: the schema name is avail as param in the EmpireDriverFactory,
but not used at all in case of HSQL (see :65 in the factory). This at least explains the IllegalArgumentEx.
Any ideas?
>>>>> Jens
>>>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>>>> On 07.08.2012, at 11:44, Francis De Brabandere <francisdb@gmail.com>
>>>>>> Hi Jens,
>>>>>> In DBDatabaseDriverHSqlTest this code is in use:
>>>>>>      script = new DBSQLScript();
>>>>>>      db.getDriver().getDDLScript(DBCmdType.DROP, db.EMPLOYEE, script);
>>>>>>      db.getDriver().getDDLScript(DBCmdType.DROP, db.DEPARTMENT, script);
>>>>>>      script.run(db.getDriver(), conn, true);
>>>>>> As far as I know this is working correctly, would you mind providing
>>>>>> us with some stacktrace or test to reproduce your issue? What sources
>>>>>> are you talking about?
>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>> Francis
>>>>>> On 6 August 2012 15:15, mailinglist@j-b-s.de <mailinglist@j-b-s.de>
>>>>>>> Hi All!
>>>>>>> I am working with empire 2.3.0 + spring and got everything working
>>>>>>> transactions. For testing purposes I want to drop my database
(hsql in
>>>>>>> memory) between test runs. The "database" getCreateDDLScript
method creates
>>>>>>> all tables and I am looking for a DropDDLScript method but can't
figure it
>>>>>>> out. The method exists on the driver (OracleDDLGenerator for
example) and I
>>>>>>> can call it like:
>>>>>>> db.getDriver().getDDLScript(DBCmdType.DROP,..) but this fails
with an
>>>>>>> exception "Invalid Argument null for parameter name". From the
sources a
>>>>>>> schema name is missing so I am a little confused..,
>>>>>>> Can you point me to the right direction?
>>>>>>> Thx in advance
>>>>>>> Jens
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>>>> email: eike@eknet.org   https://eknet.org  pgp: 481161A0
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> email: eike@eknet.org   https://eknet.org  pgp: 481161A0

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