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From Benjamin Venditti <benjamin.vendi...@arcor.de>
Subject Re: ping
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 22:03:59 GMT
Hi there,

here in vienna is everything looking good, although i'm having quite a 
busy time as the current term is going to end. Which means to me, 
finishing university projects, learning for exams and as i am still 
bored ;), i am going to relocate within vienna on july 2nd.

I'll have more time for empire-db during summer vacation. My idea was to 
improve the persistence layer of a softare project i was involved in 
during study. My aim is to write a little article about the introduction 
of empire-db in that project and share that experience with the 
community. However i'm still waiting for feedback from my former professor.

For the next release i think the major issues "column cloning" and "row 
limitation" are a good start for the core component as well as the 
"logging" issues from the wishlist.

So long,

Am 22.06.2010 09:43, schrieb Rainer Döbele:
> Hi Francis,
> I really got a bad conscience for not having been able to contribute anything recently.
> But time is running so incredibly fast and I have been very busy - both in private and
in business.
> Next week I will finish an important project and that should give me some time again
to take care of Empire-db.
> My first plan is still to tackle this limit issue.
> BTW: How are you (and everyone else on this channel)?
> Regards
> Rainer
> Francis De Brabandere wrote:
>> re: ping
>> Hey guys, what do we want to tackle for next release?
>> Cheers,
>> Francis
>> --
>> http://www.somatik.be
>> Microsoft gives you windows, Linux gives you the whole house.

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