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From Rainer Döbele <doeb...@esteam.de>
Subject Re: Review of release assembly
Date Sun, 29 Mar 2009 12:37:07 GMT
Hello everyone,

Regarding our upcoming release I have had a look at apache-cxf-2.2 and myfaces-core-1.2.6
and apache-wicket-1.4.rc2. All three seem to provide a considerably different layout.
Where cxf and myfaces seem to supply all required dependencies, wicket seems not.
There are many more differences on the archive structure and the contents.
However all distributions supply the javadoc.

In order to go ahead I suggest the following.
1. The structure of the distribution should be
I think it would be better to separate the Examples from the Source like CXF does it. At the
moment we have it all below Src. Francis, would this be difficult to achive with your Maven

2. The lib-diretory should contain the following jars:
That will be sufficient to compile Empire-db core and the Empire-db core examples. I can provide
two additional info files specifying which dependencies are required for the struts2-ext and
the cxf-examples. To me this would be an acceptable compromise. In this case we have to provide
the license file for HSQLDB in the root. I don't think it's worth having a separate license
Another option would be to supply the required dependencies for Struts2 and CXF too. But this
would considerably blow up the size of the release file.

Concering the SNAPSHOT extension on our jars I have a question (probably best answered by
the mentors): The jars are in the archive that we put up for voting. If the vote succeeds,
is it acceptable to remove the extension or would it be better to remove the extension beforehand?
(Personally I would do the latter). 

Another question to Francis:
When I tried to run the struts2 samples I had another problem. When I chose "Debug on Server"
for the empire-db-example-struts2 (using Tomcat 5.5.) I get the following error in the log:
 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/log4j/xml/DOMConfigurator
For some reason log4j is not published to the WEB-INF/lib directory although it seems to be
correctly specified as a maven dependency. Do you have any idea why other maven depedencies
are copyied and this one is not?
On the other hand the servlet-api-2.4.jar and jsp-api-2.0.jar are published although they
should not.
(Personally I am using the sysdeo tomcat plugin with which the examples run fine when configured

Anyone else except for Francis and me having an opinon on the release?


Francis De Brabandere wrote:
> Re: Review of release assembly
> > 1. The name of the archive must be "apache-empire-db-2.0.5-
> incubating.zip" (or .tar.gz respectively)
> name fixed (SNAPSHOT) will be removed when we create an actual release
> >
> > 2. The root directory must contain the README.TXT with the Apache
> disclaimer, the LICENSE.TXT containing the Apache License and the
> NOTICE.TXT. If we decide to provide the hsqldb.jar we would also need
> to supply the LICENSE-HSQLDB.txt. Without those files supplied in the
> root directory we will not be able to get the approval of the
> community. I would appreciate to also have the tutorial.pdf there.
> Don't know where to supply the changelog (expecially if we distribute
> core and struts2-ext together)
> txt files added
> pdf added
> do we need to add hsqldb? most ppl won't need it.
> >
> > 3. I was surprised to find that the size of the archive was 19,3 MB.
> The reason was soon discovered: The file empire-db-example-struts2-cxf-
> 2.0.5-SNAPSHOT.war in the lib directory has 13,2 MB on its own. I don't
> think it makes sense to include the compiled examples. I would prefer
> only to provide the empire-db-2.0.5.jar and the empire-db-struts2-
> 2.0.5.jar (without the "SNAPSHOT").
> fixed and SNAPSHOT will be removed when we build an actual release
> (SNAPSHOT is a special maven tag to indicate a transient non-released
> build)
> >
> > 4. I was unable to find the javadoc. Is Javadoc generation missing in
> the maven build?
> I'll fix this when I got some more time left
> >
> > 5. Due to the missing dependencies and project files it is virtually
> impossible for someone who is not familiar with Maven to run any of the
> sample applications. Shouldn't we give a clue how to best set things up
> with Maven and maybe even how to live without?
> Any suggestions on how? Site, in txt file, pdf, ...?
> --
> http://www.somatik.be
> Microsoft gives you windows, Linux gives you the whole house.

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