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From Rainer Döbele <doeb...@esteam.de>
Subject AW: Call for planning of new release
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 20:29:36 GMT
Francis De Brabandere wrote:
> Re: Call for planning of new release
> >
> > Surely we need to provide distribution files for download - one for
> the core the other for he Struts2 extensions. What exactly do we
> provide in the files and should we still run on different version
> numbers for core and Struts2?
> Personally I don't see a reason to keep those two apart. A megabyte
> more or less download is no big deal these days. Releasing everything
> at once takes less time and it is simpler for upgrading as you don't
> have to see what version of this matches with what version of that...
> Again I'm pointing to the wicket distribution as an example:
> http://apache.belnet.be/wicket/1.4-rc2/

It's certainly not a matter of size but rather a matter of keeping together what belongs together.
The struts2 extensions are only of interest for those using struts2, whereas the core can
be used for a wide range of purposes. I usually like to get exactly what I want instead of
a bucket full of things that I have to sort out myself.
On the other hand I agree that one distribution and one version number would be much easier
to handle for us.
So I am still a bit undecided about this issue, and not generally against a unified release.

> >
> > After we have assembled the distribution files, we have to provide
> the files for voting.
> >
> > If the vote succeeds we want to register and upload the distribution
> in the central maven repo.
> > Anything else to consider and who is volunteering to do what?
> I don't think we can release to the central repo as we are in
> incubation. The incubator has it's own repository for releases where
> we can push our releases to. I'll try to make some time later this
> week or this weekend for getting acquainted with the actual release
> procedure and configuration.

Is this so? I thought the central maven repo was not restricted to (top level) Apache projects
but open to anyone. Wouldn't that mean that someone who wants to use empire-db would have
to add the incubator repository to the maven settings first? And would this not be too complicated
for some?

> If everybody could try this and see what changes need to be made to
> the assembly:
> mvn clean install assembly:assembly
> result in target/dist

Thanks for the info. I will check this asap.

> license files, the pdf manual and other files seem to be missing, we
> need to check all files for missing headers as well, how has this been
> taken care of for the previous release?
> Regards,
> Francis
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> http://www.somatik.be
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