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From Rainer Döbele <doeb...@esteam.de>
Subject Information about the empire-struts2-ext distribution
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2008 20:28:09 GMT
Hi Franics,

as promised I want go give you some detail about the empire-struts2-ext distribution files.
The archive contains both binaries and source code of the strut2-ext library as well as a
sample application that shows how to use it. 

I don't know whether you have tried and mangaged to run the example application, but the problem
we have at the moment is, that the jars in the lib folder which are required to build the
struts2-ext-jar from the source are also required for the DBWebSample appliation. For the
latter however they should reside in 

Since we did not want to distribute the same files twice, we decided to provide a file called
copy_jars (.bat and .sh) in the DBWebSamples lib folder. This solution however is not ideal.

Building the struts2-ext.jar or the DBWebSample requires the following dependencies:

Common stuff:


JEE-Web Application (taken from Tomcat 5.5)

Apache Struts2 dependencies:

Apache Tiles project dependencies:

The DBWebSample additionally needs the HSQLDB database (hsqldb-

Ideally I would still provide all the dependencies with the distribution (i.e. put the in
a local repository), but organize it in a more convenient way, so that the user does not have
to copy the jars around.
With maven it should be possible to create Projects for Eclipse / NetBeans and others for
both building the empire-struts2-ext.jar from the source as well as compile and run the DBWebSample
application. The distribution should also be laid out in the Maven way (folder structure you

As proposed, if you could do that and send the result back to me I would then make sure, that
further distributions are provided that way. I will also try to modify the ant scripts to
that the user has a choice of Maven or Ant.

So I hope you have all the information you need now.
(If not just ask).

Thanks and best regards

P.S. I'd be interested to know, whether and how you have evaluated or used Empire-db and what
exactly attracted you to our project.

Francis De Brabandere wrote:
> Re: Maven support for the upcoming 2.0.5 release
> > This is largely my fault and I want to apologize for that. There are so many
> > documents to read and understand and it seems that Jörg and I have been a
> > bit too optimistic about the requirements.
> No problem
> >
> > If you are still interested we would still try to get you on as one of our
> > committers but we have to get it right this time. This involves an internal
> (private) proposal, a vote and the information of the Incubator PMC. I would
> expect this to take another couple of weeks time.
> BTW: Have you already have filled out and submitted your Contributor license
> agreement (ICLA)? If so good, it was not in vain.
> Yep my ICLA has been sent to secretary@ap... but I did not receive any
> confirmation.
> > In the meantime you can, if you want, reorganize and extend the current
> > distribution for Maven and send the result to me. We will modify our current
> > build files to accommodate the changes. I will give you an update about the
> > empire-struts2-ext dependencies tomorrow.
> There is no need to reorganise the distribution. We can just provide
> pom's for each artefact and a .sh/.bat file to install them in the
> user's local maven repo. Or we can set up a temporary public
> repository. That would help out maven users willing to use empire-db.
> As reorganising the distribution would take a lot of time that is not
> something to do on every release :-s
> Regards,
> Francis
> >
> > Sorry again for the inconvenience.
> >
> >
> > Rainer
> >

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