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From Julian Feinauer <j.feina...@pragmaticminds.de>
Subject Re: How do I monitor properties of my RaspberryPi and send it to an IoT Gateway?
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2018 18:58:27 GMT

I'm a bit late tot he party.
Thinking about it, it's a pretty obvious requirement, to have some statistics about the jvm
reported regularly.
I think it should be pretty easy to spin up a Source Component for that, e.g., using the library
noted by chris.
This source could the be polled repeatedly with whatever frequency you want.

If you like to do so, chris or I can give you some further hints about that as we both already
implemented sources for edgent.


´╗┐Am 18.11.18, 12:51 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <christofer.dutz@c-ware.de>:

    Hi Felipe,
    If you want to access CPU, Memory and Disk usage, you could have a look at this library:
    I am using this in another project and it's working nicely. I'm using is in a Scala Akka
Actor, but it shouldn't be difficult to see how to use it in Java:
    ... but thinking about it ... I think it would be a great option to add a Edgent Source
providing such data.
    Because with this, you could eventually create data-streams that adapt to the load on
the Edge device ... 
    It shouldn't be hard to implement ... and as I posted in my reply on the other thread,
I don't think Edgent currently has something like that. I just did a quick full-text-search
and couldn't find anything?
    Feel tempted to implement such a connector? We're currently trying to re-initiate the
committer-base of Edgent and contributions like this would be highly valued :-)
    Am 18.11.18, 12:44 schrieb "Felipe Gutierrez" <felipe.o.gutierrez@gmail.com>:
        On the Edgent documentations is mentioned:
         "You can send data from an Edgent application to your back-end system when
        you need to perform analysis that cannot be performed on the edge device,
        such as:
        Running a complex analytic algorithm that requires more resources, such as
        CPU or memory, than are available on the edge device." (
        I understood that the Edgent daemon on the device is constantly monitoring
        its properties (CPU and memory) and this daemon decides to not perform the
        analytics on the RPi when it has lack of resource but perform on a layer
        above. Is it right?
        How can I implement a program using Edgent to send this type of metadata to
        a layer above? Let's say I want to sent metadata regarding CPU, memory and
        storage usage from the RPi to an IoT gateway.
        *-- Felipe Gutierrez*
        *-- skype: felipe.o.gutierrez*
        *--* *https://felipeogutierrez.blogspot.com

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