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From Christofer Dutz <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>
Subject AW: How do I send metadata from my RaspberryPi to my IoT gateway?
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2018 11:43:01 GMT
Hi Felipe,

I don't think Edgent has such a mechanism for deciding what to run locally and what to run
More it's up to the developer to decide what's "too expensive" and what can be run locally.

For example people-detection in a stream of video images .. the pre-processing can be done
locally without problems, but the heavy lifting of detection should be done on something a
little bigger than a raspberry pi. So in this case I, as a developer, should setup a system
for sending this information to other nodes, where the further processing is done ... using
Kafka or MQTT seems to be a good option for this. 

I think this was even the first presentation I saw Edgent being demonstrated. Here the images
were sent to the Watson IoT Cloud for further processing (Probably with MQTT).

Hope this helps a little, even if I regret to have to tell you that as far as I know there's
no magic component that helps you with deciding what to do locally. Also I don't recall Edgent
monitoring CPU and Memory usage at all ... but I could double check that.


´╗┐Am 18.11.18, 11:55 schrieb "Felipe Gutierrez" <felipe.o.gutierrez@gmail.com>:

    On the Edgent documentations is mentioned:
     "You can send data from an Edgent application to your back-end system when
    you need to perform analysis that cannot be performed on the edge device,
    such as:
    Running a complex analytic algorithm that requires more resources, such as
    CPU or memory, than are available on the edge device." (
    I understood that the Edgent daemon on the device is constantly monitoring
    its properties (CPU and memory) and this daemon decides to not perform the
    analytics on the RPi when it has lack of resource but perform on a layer
    above. Is it right?
    How can I implement a program using Edgent to send this type of metadata to
    a layer above? Let's say I want to sent metadata regarding CPU, memory and
    storage usage from the RPi to an IoT gateway.
    *-- Felipe Gutierrez*
    *-- skype: felipe.o.gutierrez*
    *--* *https://felipeogutierrez.blogspot.com

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