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From Dale LaBossiere <dml.apa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: develop: missing 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT -> 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT conversions?
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:42:22 GMT
Hi Chris,

> You remember me not being very fond of the variables in the groupIds as I said that there
might be problems in the release … well now we know that for sure ;-) 

Yup. I see you’ve made all (?) the conversions on the feature/pre-release-finetuning branch.

I did notice one thing: jqassistant use is present for the J8 and J7 platforms but not for
Android - an oversight?

> I think it would be a good idea to re-set the version of the develop branch to 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT
and to manually delete the release branch, fix things and give it another try as soon as we
fixed everything. Otherwise this would be a cherry-picking nightmare.

Might it be better… instead of resetting the version on the develop branch, reset the version
on the pre-release-finetuning branch? (only one set of wide sweeping changes to look at) 
 Then create a PR and merge to “develop”.  Still have to manually delete the release branch.

P.S. for the “samples” tree, leave everything as is for now (w/1.3.0-SNAPSHOT) and figure
them out after splitting out to their own repo?
I think we don’t want to "ASF release” samples, a question/point John raised, so these
changes might not apply to them.

— Dale

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