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From Dale LaBossiere <dml.apa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: possible contribute for edgent project
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2017 17:30:30 GMT
Thank you for your interest in Edgent!   I’d say the project is interested in anything that
may make Edgent more interesting / usable :-)

It’s perhaps me and my knowledge base but I’m having a difficult time understanding what
sort of enhancements you’re interested in adding and how they would be presented to and
utilized by an Edgent device or gateway device application.

Yes, Edgent lacks a sensor or device data model and framework.  At a very high level it sounds
like you maybe proposing such a framework on top of base Edgent capabilities that an application
could utilize when publishing events containing sensor data, and perhaps some set of device
commands for updating a device with aggregated readings from other device’s sensors?  The
framework might imply both a stylized use of event/command names and content.  Or maybe the
framework might imply the base Edgent IotDevice/GW to IoT hub event/command communication
model is insufficient and some additional communication model is needed?

Is it practical / possible to sketch out some code demonstrating what an Edgent device and/or
gateway application utilizing these extensions might look like.  And/or maybe a list/sketch
of the sort of new interfaces / classes / connectors you imagine would help clarify things.

— Dale

> On Aug 4, 2017, at 12:47 AM, ZhangQingsheng <qingshengz@yahoo.com.INVALID> wrote:
>  Hi all,
>    I try to propose possible contribute to edgent project. In mobile edge cloud computing,
edge devices, such as the 3G/4G base station, wifi router, sensor and mobile phone and so
on,  have the capability of computing and storage like a computer. Particularly, edge servers
on base station, wifi router have powerful computing and storage. I think such edge devices
can be used for more useful edge application if edgent is extended.
>    In my knowledge, several replicas from edge devices (such as mobile phone, sensor
or wifi router and so on) may be stored in storage systems of different locations, it may
be valuable and useful that these replicas can be merged together for some applications based
on data consistency. 
>    A simple or naïve scenario for my idea:   there is a grand corn field installed with
9 temperature wireless sensors being far away from themselves in a farm, so one sensor only
send its data to its local wifi router with capability of computing and storage (I mean wifi
router is also edge device).   How to detect high temperature event for corn growing? It is
not reasonable  to make decision on a high temperature event if it only depends on the event
from only one sensor’s data. If every wifi router can merge the received sensor event into
a full consistent replica and populate this replica among these routers, a good decision is
made for corn grower. To do so,  some components, such as logical data model for mapping physical
data, and other tools, are needed for edgent. Therefore,  application developer can code more
useful and advanced mobile cloud edge applications.
>     Addtionally, if we consider mobility of user and  portable device,  picture data
from mobile phone may be partially uploaded/downloaded to/from edge server 1, remaining data
are uploaded/downloaded to edge server2. It will save mobile device’s energy and reduce
low delay if the full data based on logical data model (support data consistency) can be implemented
by edge servers on different locations for such edgent application.
>      It is my initial idea for code of edgent. Any comments welcome. Thanks.
> Qingsheng Zhang
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