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From Christofer Dutz <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>
Subject Re: mvn, Edgent samples, and the broader app development and packaging topic
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:03:04 GMT
The examples are something I’m currently working on … 

They will work differently than right now (definitely no classpath in the Manifest).

In Maven there are several ways to do this … I’ll have to dig into how the samples are
run to find out how to do it in an ideal way.

I have also seen the current way things are bundled in the binaries … I also think changing
this would be a good idea as the way it is handled now forces the directory structure on the
users. I wouldn’t like to do that. I would much more prefer a directory with edgent artifacts
and an “ext” directory containing external dependencies and passing in an individual classpath
to the applications. … but as I said … I’ll have to dig a little more into the examples.
First I’ll finish the android modules.


Am 21.06.17, 15:21 schrieb "Dale LaBossiere" <dml.apache@gmail.com>:

    Today (pre-mvn), Edgent has a number of sample programs under /samples.  They are pre-built
and included in the binary release bundle as a collection of jars edgent.samples.{apps,…}.jar
and are run via scripts under /scripts.
    Your thoughts on samples in the new world? As things are now, the scripts don’t work.
They presume a (binary release) directory tree where all of the edgent jars reside in a particular
layout.  They also use the non-version-labeled-name form of the Edgent jars.
    At a high level there's “how do I build and package/assemble my app for execution on
a device, and run my app”.  Edgent, mostly, isn’t in the business of how to package the
bits or get them to / install them on the device.
    Today’s binary release bundle only addresses the “run” part of that.  The binary
bundle includes the sample sources but doesn’t include tooling/scripts to build them. How
lame is that?  :-)
    In my mind it’s NOT a hard requirement that we (a) provide pre-built samples, nor (b)
provide an Edgent binary release bundle (containing all the Edgent jars and deps).  I think
it’s just the opposite :-)
    I’ll stop there just to kickoff this thread.
    — Dale

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