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From Christofer Dutz <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>
Subject Re: Understanding the snapshot and release process
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2017 20:56:49 GMT
Hi Dale,

Glad you like that … I was going to address the “checked in IDE settings” thing soon

I am working with IntelliJ without any issues in my Maven setup. Had to rename the Gradle
build to make IntelliJ chose Maven though.

In my opinion IDE settings shouldn’t be checked in and should rather be added to the gitignore
list. Don’t know how often we had issues in Flex with checked in IDE settings :-(

The warnings are related to the fact that all Apache Maven configurations have the “Apache
root pom” as top-most parent. A lot Some things are configured there. However I’m using
different versions of some plugins and re-defining them in the edgent-parent. That’s what
the first block of warnings are about.

The rest of the blocks are because in order to work correctly the e2m plugin has built-in
configurations on what to do for which default maven plugin. This is how Eclipse knows when
to copy resources, compile classes and eventually even generate code. However per default
not all plugins are handled by the m2e plugin. That’s what the second block is about. There
is a way to get rid of them and eventually even tell Eclipse what to do, but this would need
some fine tuning. I would like to address that as soon as we’re finished. Otherwise I would
probably have to re-configure that over and over again. Mabe it would be good to tell Eclipse
to ignore the plugins it doesn’t know so the errors go away and then to fine tune them afterwards.


Von: Dale LaBossiere <dml.apache@gmail.com>
Antworten an: "dev@edgent.apache.org" <dev@edgent.apache.org>
Datum: Montag, 12. Juni 2017 um 22:43
An: "dev@edgent.apache.org" <dev@edgent.apache.org>
Betreff: Re: Understanding the snapshot and release process

Chris, I started to try to get Eclipse working with the maven PR-309 changes.  Making some

At a high level, I removed all existing .project and .classpath Eclipse files from my local
git clone.
Then I created a new Eclipse workspace and did an “Import existing Maven Projects”.
Eclipse then created a .project and .classpath from the poms.
Seemingly all good stuff.  And presumably analogous to importing a maven project into IntelliJ.

But I have 3 build problems and 66 (mostly pom.xml related) warnings.

What do you make of these warnings in the top-level pom.xml?   Googling seems to tell me that
the “Overriding managed version” warnings are because the top-level pom.xml is overriding
the versions for the plugins inherited from the parent pom.xml (org.apache:apache:18 ???)


There are a lot (every project/module I assume) of these:

Any thoughts on the 3 errors?
the full error msgs are:

— Dale
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