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From Dale LaBossiere <dlab...@apache.org>
Subject ApacheCon and Edgent
Date Tue, 23 May 2017 16:29:37 GMT
Hi all,

Will and I attended ApacheCon 2017 and gave a talk “Video Analytics at the Edge: Fun with
Apache Edgent, OpenCV and a Raspberry Pi”.

Here’s my take on the conference wrt Edgent:

Overall, I think it was very good for raising awareness of / interest in Edgent.
- we had our talk right after lunch on the first day.
    The room was pretty full - ~50 people?  seemed to go well.
    The next day an attendee approached me at breakfast and said he found the talk
    to be the most interesting to him so far.
- Will, a brave guy, did an Edgent presentation in the “Apache Shark Tank” session
- Will also did a 5min “Lightening Talk” plug for Edgent
- We noticed a few folks with the Edgent website open on their laptops
- Edgent was now getting mentioned in some other talks later in week
    - Building a SCADA system
    - Verbal mention in Transportation IoT stack talk
    - I plugged it the “Ignite & Spark” talk
    - While mentioned in the “Apache and RPi” talk’s abstract, the author hadn’t yet
played with it
- Will had a chat with some OpenWisk folks re being able integrate an Edgent app with openwork
- We had a chat with Mynewt folks.  There seems to be an integration opportunity - e.g., Edgent
app running on an IoT gateway ingesting events from connected Mynewt-based sensors.
- We had a discussion with John Ament regarding the project as a whole.  More to come there.

That said, most of the ApacheIoT talks showing (Apache) IoT stacks showed devices ~directly
connected to the data center, ingesting “raw” sensor reading values into Kafka, and such
and going up the stack from there.  The talks were mostly at the “data center” components
level, sometimes focusing on ingest volume/speed.  Don’t think I heard / saw anyone mention
explicitly concentrating devices into an IoT Gateway.

There were some lower level IoT talks on Mynewt (RTOS and environment for micro controller
sized devices), Juston’s OpenSource HW talk, Justin’s “Become a [device level] IoT Developer”

A couple of interesting slides/comments in a (VC) Keynote speaker’s IoT presentation:
  Macro trends
        Exponential growth in devices
        Exploding data volume
        Smarter “things”, lower cost
        Realtime Machine-2-Machine, no human in the loop
        Realtime, Streaming
        Event Driven
        Running on the Edge
         Early days in a large mkt
         Real use cases are (finally) emerging
         Tech stack is mature
         Investors are cautiously optimistic

— Dale
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