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From Katherine Marsden <kmars...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Apache Edgent for iOS - A possible approach...
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2017 21:18:28 GMT
On 2/22/17 2:02 PM, Robert Saccone wrote:
> Hello,
> I wanted to follow up on a possible solution as to how one might use
> Edgent on iOS devices.  I recently came across a project that Google
> started sometime back called J2ObjC (https://github.com/google/j2objc).
> Basically it converts Java code to Objective-C.  The idea it was founded
> on is that you write the business logic of your mobile application in Java
> and then using this tool you can create an iOS compatible version in
> Objective-C.  It got me curious as to whether it might be possible to use
> it to transform some or all of the Apache Edgenet code base so it could be
> used on iOS.  I plan on experimenting to see if this is a viable solution
> but I was wondering if anyone in the Edgent community has tried this
> and/or has any experience with J2ObjC and thoughts on this approach before
> I begin?

Edgent on iOS sounds very exciting.   I don't have any experience or 
technical input on this tool.  I would be very interested to hear if it 
worked and how hard it is to get something up and running.

  A couple of high level thoughts/questions?
   - License - It looks like J2ObjC is Apache 2.0 so that is good.
     Are there any specific license considerations for the generated 
Objective-C code?  Are their other Apache projects that use this tool? 
Does Objective-C require some special Apache infrastructure or tools to 
build which might not be compatibly licensed?

   - How would the generated code maintained?  Is this something you run 
once per version, tweak the generated code and check that in?  If so 
does it mean an extra step for each release, plus Objective-C expertise 
to tweak or is it the java code/tool  that would be tweaked to make the 
code always purely generated and never checked in?  We would want to 
make sure we have the knowledge base and commitment in the community to 
continue support so we don't just end up orphaning our iOS support with 
some release.

   - Does J2OjC have a strong dev community that will be there into the 
future?  Are there success stories and large user base that depend on it 
that might help keep it going?



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