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From Katherine Marsden <kmars...@apache.org>
Subject Re: test mail after trouble migrating subscription from quarks
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 20:58:38 GMT
On 12/6/16 12:37 PM, William Marshall wrote:

> Given that I encountered this issue, it's possible that others on the
> mailing list have also encountered this issue. I would recommend sending
> direct emails to each member of the mailing list, and informing them that
> they may not have been receiving all (or any) mail from this list. If a
> mailing list member is able to see this and other edgent-dev emails after
> the name change, then they likely are not affected.
> I am happy to craft the email, unless someone else would prefer to. If so,
> where can I find a list of everyone subscribed to the dev@mailing list?

Thanks Will for volunteering to send the mail. I think that is smart as 
we may have lost some of the community in the switch and I did not see 
any distinction in the list that might give us a clue of who has this 
problem. Direct mail is our best bet.

Probably a moderator should send the mails.
Are you willing also to become a moderator of the dev and private lists? 
  That way you can send email to <list>-list@edgent.apache.org to get 
the lists and unsubscribe the problem accounts.

Moderator responsibilities (outside this problem) are light.
You, just occasionally get a MODERATE or CONFIRM email when someone not 
subscribed to the list sends email. You then just respond to let the 
legitimate ones through.

Let us know. If you don't have bandwidth, maybe another volunteer would 
like to do it or I would be happy to.



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