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From Dale LaBossiere <dml.apa...@gmail.com>
Subject tag format for releases?
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2016 20:23:35 GMT
I haven’t been able to locate any definitive ASF documentation on the format for release
tags and things seem all over the map.  Justin?

What do we want for Edgent?

The release-1.0.0 process currently has us using “apache-edgent-X.Y.Z” - fallout from
following the lead of the suggested Apache Flex project.
Note, per policy our tgz bundles are “apache-edgent-X.Y.Z-incubating-*"

These tags show up in GitHub so they’re somewhat prominent (e.g., see the “releases”
tab for a project). 
They’re always within a project’s context - so the “apache-<project>-“ prefix
seems like a bit of noise to me.

I’m inclined to use the "vX.Y.Z-incubating” form.

Your thoughts?

[ ] vX.Y.Z					Spark, Storm, ...
[ ] vX.Y.Z-incubating		Beam, predictionio …  (not uniformly used by all incubating projects)
[ ] X.Y.Z					Kafka, …  don’t know if some incubating ones use X.Y.Z-incubating
[ ] release-X.Y.Z			Flink, samza …
[ ] cassandra-X.Y.Z			Cassandra, …
[ ] apache-edgent-X.Y.Z		Flex, …  (nominally matching the naming of release bundles)
[ ] apache-edgent-X.Y.Z-incubating		
[ ] <another variant>

— Dale

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