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From Susan Cline <home4...@pacbell.net>
Subject Re: Standard commands for Quarks applications?
Date Wed, 11 May 2016 13:52:34 GMT

Thank you.  This is a lot to digest.  I’ll look through it some more, plus the javadoc you
wrote and respond in a bit with more questions.



> The sample IotfFullScenario can be used to demonstrate this concept with IBM Watson Iot
>> I’d like to know if all quarks applications will be accepting specific commands
and what format the payload needs to be in.  Is it correct to say that all
>> iotf commands are in JSON format, and the required fields are these:
>> { “my command”:
>> 	{“payload”: {“application specific param1” : “app specific value 1”}}
>> }
> What you are doing is sending a device command to an application, in that case the device
command has an identifier and data, the identifier is a string and the data is JSON. The format
of the JSON is up to the application.
> [What you are seeing with payload is a bug that I've just fixed pr114)]
> I'm not sure where you saw the JSON format above, I don't think any Quarks code has the
command data as the value for the command identifier.

I thought I saw this in the IOTF RangeSensor sample.

> "All Quarks applications" is somewhat hard to answer, since Quarks is an SDK there can
be simple quarks applications that don't use IoTDevice, Iotf, the application or control services.
But if Quarks applications are running in the IotProvider framework then they will support
a number of commands:
> - submit application
> - change job state (e.g. to stop a running job)
> - any application that registers PeriodMBean's with a unique alias can have its period
change (e.g. a periodic source). This will obviously be application specific.
>> For example I think I have heard about a “start” and “stop” application command.
 Can someone tell me how these would work and if any other commands are available as
>> “standard” commands?
> The start command is the command above to submit an application previously registered
with the application service.
> I've just added a method to JobMXBean that will allow stopping a job now, and maybe pause
> HTH,
> Dan.

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