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From Dennis Knochenwefel <dennis.knochenwe...@reportix.com>
Subject Implementing inner joins for mongo
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2017 12:48:29 GMT
Hello Drill Dev Pros,

I have found the drill mongo store and would like to extend it to push 
down INNER JOINs. Therefore I would like to rewrite INNER JOINs into the 
mongo aggregation pipeline. Here is a SQL example:

FROM `mymongo.db`.`facts` `facts`
   INNER JOIN `mymongo.db`.`set` `set` ON (`facts`.`group` = `set`.`group`)
WHERE ((`set`.`date` = '09.05.2017') AND (`set`.`id` = '1'))

Could you give me a hint how to do that? I am familiar with the 
aggregation pipeline of mongo, but am not sure how to implement the 
rewrite. I have found the push down of WHERE clauses for mongo [1]

But I am still struggling to do the same for inner joins. If I implement 
"public class MongoPushDownInnerJoinScan extends 
StoragePluginOptimizerRule" then how would the constructor look like. 
Which equivalent of MongoGroupScan (AbstractGroupScan) [2] would I have 
to implement? Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you and kind regards,




Dennis Knochenwefel

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