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From Paul Rogers <prog...@maprtech.com>
Subject Re: isDateCorrect field in ParquetTableMetadata
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2016 05:07:07 GMT
Choosing a good property name should solve the confusion issue. Perhaps drill.writer as the

The writer version is not needed if we feel that we’ll never again change the writer or
introduce bugs. Since that is hard to predict, adding a writer version is very low cost insurance.
Indeed, including a writer version is a very common technique. The question we should answer
is why we don’t need to use this technique here…

One can imagine that, as we evolve from 1.x to the 2.1 (or later) format, we may do so in
fits and starts, perhaps based on community contributions. A version will help us know what
capabilities were supported in the writer that wrote a particular file.


- Paul

> On Oct 28, 2016, at 3:03 PM, Jason Altekruse <jason@dremio.com> wrote:
> The only worry I have about declaring a writer version is possible
> confusion with the Parquet format version itself. The format is already
> defined through version 2.1 or something like that, but we are currently
> only writing files based on the 1.x version of the format.
> My preferred solution to this problem would be to just make point releases
> for problems like this (like in this case we could have made a 1.8.1
> release, and then all of the 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT would all known to be bad and
> everything after would be 1.8.1-SNAPSHOT and could have been known to be
> correct).
> I'm open to to hearing other opinions on this, I just generally feel like
> these bugs should be rare, and fixing them should be done with a lot of
> care (and in this case I missed a few things). I don't think it would be
> crazy to say that we should only merge these kinds of patches if we are
> willing to say the fix is ready for a release.
> Jason Altekruse
> Software Engineer at Dremio
> Apache Drill Committer
> On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 2:52 PM, Vitalii Diravka <vitalii.diravka@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Jinfeng,
>> isDateCorrect will be false in the code when isDateCorrect property is
>> absent in the parquet metadata.
>> Anyway I am going to implement the mentioned approach with the
>> parquet-writer.version instead of isDateCorrect property.

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