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From Jason Altekruse <ja...@dremio.com>
Subject Re: Hangout starting in 5 minutes
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2016 20:57:23 GMT
No need for apologies John, today was pretty lively for discussion. These
are the notes I took.

community hangout 4/5/2016
Attendees: Jason, Arina, Vitalli, Stefan, Pawan, Parth, Jingeng, Sudheesh,

Pawan is new - might not have had a working mic, he didn't give an
    - if you see this feel free to respond to the thread with more info
      about yourself and you interest in Drill

- Aman
    - Metadata cache file
        - proposal to create a separate file with just directory info
        - should we just put info in a small databse like sqllite?
        - 4530
    - Newlines in CSV files
        - 3178
        - Jason - to do this we need to turn off splittability
        - Aman, we can provide an option for users that want it, and they
can choose if losing splitabillity is worth it for them
        - Jason - this should be a format/select with options setting, not
a session one
        - Parth - or dotdrill
              - Julien was working on this? Proposal was given on a JIRA a
while back
              - has not updated it lately
        - generally the other option is more flexible, an admin can set it
in the storage plugin or view, or a user can put it in a query themselves
              - dotdrill would require write permissions on the filesystem
              - still useful for other cases, collocating metadata with
data, but not necessarily needed for this case initially
- Stefan
    - Wanted to apologize to Jacques for the thread last week
    - We will continue the discussion on the list about the best way
forward for the Avro plugin
- Vitalli
    - questions about PRs
    - review the PR for spill directories, he has updated it based on the
- Arina
    - JIRA for viewing logs in Web UI
    - originally logs only on the current node
    - getting remote logs
        - HTTP rest call
        - Custom RPC tunnel?
        - implement distributed read of files on each of the remote systems
- Parth
    - release schedule? Jacques withdrew his offer for managing 1.7 to
focus on the new 2.0 branch
- Jinfeng
    - partition pruning enhancement
         - remove redundant filters, we re-evaluate predicates on parent
directories over and over
    - test framework complaining about ordering of files
    - Jinfeng will make a proposal on the list about how to fix this in the
test framework level
- Different time?
    - This lands pretty late for the folks in the Ukraine
    - they said it was okay, but anyone who might not be attending due to
      time the meeting happens please speak up and we can look at moving it
or scheduling
      it at different time every other week or something to make sure
everyone is included

Jason Altekruse
Software Engineer at Dremio
Apache Drill Committer

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 12:32 PM, John Omernik <john@omernik.com> wrote:

> Sorry I missed this, anything exciting happen?
> On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 11:57 AM, Jason Altekruse <jason@dremio.com> wrote:
> > Anyone with an interest in Drill is welcome to attend to hear what is
> > happening in the Drill community. Feel free to ask questions or just
> listen
> > in.
> >
> > https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/event/ci4rdiju8bv04a64efj5fedd0lc
> >
> > Jason Altekruse
> > Software Engineer at Dremio
> > Apache Drill Committer
> >

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