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From Mehant Baid <baid.meh...@gmail.com>
Subject Meeting minutes from today's hangout (08/18)
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2015 20:01:47 GMT
Meeting minutes from today's hangout (08/18)

Attendees: Jacques, Andrew, Aman, Parth, Hsuan, Daniel, Kris, Hakim and 

- JDBC storage plugin:
     * Basic queries work, join pushdown, filter pushdown works.
     * Jacques to add more tests to this
     * Needs an initial review and more cleanup in the record reader logic
     * Need support for more data types

- JDBC-all shading
     * Jacques close to getting it to work. Right ordering between 
shading and proguard needs to be figured out.

- Travis CI/ CI
     * Travis has about 3G of memory with a 15 minute time limit and 
currently the way the build and unit tests are laid out this will not work.
     * Folks at Dremio are planning to spend some time looking at tests 
and making sure we don't start and shut down DrillBit for each test 
class that extends BaseTestQuery. CI can be revisited once this is done.

- RPC offloading
     * Sudheesh, Parth and Jacques to have a quick sync up and analyze 
the performance impact of the patch.

- Window function memory leak
     * Initial thought of Jacques is that the logic for memory being 
released by Netty back to the OS is not getting triggered. Hakim to 
provide a local reproduction with a single window function and sync up.


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