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From Julian Hyde <julianh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: TODOs in comments
Date Wed, 06 May 2015 05:58:04 GMT
My boss at Oracle used to say “There’s a TODO in this code. Why are you checking it in?
It isn’t finished.”

A bit harsh, but he had a good point.

A TODO can indicate something that is not implemented because it is outside the current specification.
If something isn’t supported functionality yet,

   throw new AssertionError(“cannot whizzbang yet”);

seems better, in my opinion, than

  // TODO: fix this
  return null;

Also, ask yourself who is likely to fix your TODO. Most likely it will be you. Or maybe no
one will ever get round to it. Either way, you are cluttering up the code for everyone else
who is not going to fix it.

Lastly, there are genuinely cases where you wrote the simplest thing that could possibly work
and you did not write a more efficient but more complex algorithm. Well done. This is good
software engineering. You want to tell the world that your algorithm might be found to be
slow, and you want to receive a little credit for having anticipated the problem. Also totally
fine. But don’t write “// TODO: convert this bubble sort to a merge sort”. That makes
it sounds as if there is a bug in your code, and your code is perfect (unless and until someone
finds a performance issue). Just write a nice paragraph explaining your design choices, possible
issues and how they would manifest themselves.

I would not ban TODOs outright, but I think developers should think three times before checking
one in.


> On May 5, 2015, at 10:14 PM, Daniel Barclay <dbarclay@maprtech.com> wrote:
> I think that requiring every TODO note to have an associated JIRA report
> number would be too restrictive, increasing the friction to record notes
> about things to be looked at later.
> Making it so that one can't leave a note without the overhead of filing
> a whole JIRA report is going to cause some things to go unnoted.  That
> seems significantly worse than not having every note indexed in JIRA.
> Encouraging having the JIRA number sounds fine; requiring it, at least
> without having some alternative mark for less-formal things, doesn't
> seem good.
> Daniel
> Sudheesh Katkam wrote:
>> Yes, TODOs must have an associated JIRA, with the specified format.
>>> On May 5, 2015, at 1:14 PM, Julian Hyde <julianhyde@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Is the proposal to disallow TODOs that do not have a JIRA case number? I’d
be +1 to that.
>>> I’m much less concerned with the problem that TODO(DRILL-abcd) might linger
after in the code after DRILL-abcd has been fixed.
>>> Julian
>>> On May 5, 2015, at 12:38 PM, Jason Altekruse <altekrusejason@gmail.com>
>>>> It could optionally be passed manually as a flag, but we already have the
>>>> build step that is generating the git.properties file, we could issue the
>>>> same type of call to git to try to pull the JIRA number out of the commit
>>>> message.
>>>> On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 12:34 PM, Chris Westin <chriswestin42@gmail.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> I like that idea, but how would the build know what JIRA you're working
>>>>> On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 12:25 PM, Jason Altekruse <altekrusejason@gmail.com
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> We should also consider adding something to the build that will automate
>>>>>> the process of checking for todo comments containing the JIRA number
>>>>> being
>>>>>> fixed. This would allow reviewers to easily verify that a JIRA being
>>>>> closed
>>>>>> is not leaving related TODOs in the code (possibly unit tests added
>>>>> the
>>>>>> reporter of the issue, or comments mentioned in another patch that
>>>>>> to relate a problem they saw in a known outstanding JIRA). This can
>>>>>> mitigated by mentioning the relevant areas in the code when filing
>>>>> JIRA,
>>>>>> but this would also be a helpful safety net to keep the code cleaner.
>>>>>> - Jason
>>>>>> On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 12:07 PM, Sudheesh Katkam <skatkam@maprtech.com>
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hey y’all,
>>>>>>> For consistency across code, Chris had recommended using
>>>>> TODO(DRILL-####)
>>>>>>> format for todos in comments, where #### is the JIRA number.
If there
>>>>> are
>>>>>>> no objections, let’s try to stick to that format.
>>>>>>> Thank you,
>>>>>>> Sudheesh
> -- 
> Daniel Barclay
> MapR Technologies

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