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From Gerrit Sundaram <gerritsunda...@gmail.com>
Subject FileSystem API over distributedlog logs
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2016 09:21:25 GMT
Hi distributedlog folks,

I am new to this community. I am wondering is there anyone tried to build a
file system over replicated logs. There are a lot of similarities between a
filesystem file and a replicated log. You can use files to build replicated
log or use replicated logs to build a filesystem.

I took at the code repo and found there are two files
'AppendOnlyStreamReader' and 'AppendOnlyStreamWriter'. They seem to
implement file I/O related API. Did you guys attempt to provide filesystem
API over distributedlog?

I am wondering if it is possible to build a filesystem over distributedlog.
Would this be an interesting topic to this project and the community? I
have two reasons for that
- I can leverage the good stuffs like parallel replication, low latency for
better performance?
- DL uses zookeeper for metadata storage. ZooKeeper has pretty nice
filesystem-like interface. So it would be a nice fit.

- Gerrit

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