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From Cameron Hatfield <kin...@gmail.com>
Subject Proxy Client - Batch Ordering / Commit
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 19:39:32 GMT
I have a question about the Proxy Client. Basically, for our use cases, we
want to guarantee ordering at the key level, irrespective of the ordering
of the partition it may be assigned to as a whole. Due to the source of the
data (HBase Replication), we cannot guarantee that a single partition will
be owned for writes by the same client. This means the proxy client works
well (since we don't care which proxy owns the partition we are writing

However, the guarantees we need when writing a batch consists of:
Definition of a Batch: The set of records sent to the writeBatch endpoint
on the proxy

1. Batch success: If the client receives a success from the proxy, then
that batch is successfully written

2. Inter-Batch ordering : Once a batch has been written successfully by the
client, when another batch is written, it will be guaranteed to be ordered
after the last batch (if it is the same stream).

3. Intra-Batch ordering: Within a batch of writes, the records will be
committed in order

4. Intra-Batch failure ordering: If an individual record fails to write
within a batch, all records after that record will not be written.

5. Batch Commit: Guarantee that if a batch returns a success, it will be

6. Read-after-write: Once a batch is committed, within a limited time-frame
it will be able to be read. This is required in the case of failure, so
that the client can see what actually got committed. I believe the
time-frame part could be removed if the client can send in the same
sequence number that was written previously, since it would then fail and
we would know that a read needs to occur.

So, my basic question is if this is currently possible in the proxy? I
don't believe it gives these guarantees as it stands today, but I am not
100% of how all of the futures in the code handle failures.
If not, where in the code would be the relevant places to add the ability
to do this, and would the project be interested in a pull request?


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