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From "" <>
Subject Embedding ApacheDS in Java
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2018 12:16:13 GMT
Dear Developers at Apache,

I stumbled across ApacheDS while looking for an easy to embed LDAP Server and according to
your website this is it. Since I'm not that experienced with servers at all I was looking
for help in your Documentations only to find, that the Part that I actually need ist still
TODO. Is there by any chance some kind of help for embedding a server (maybe a not yet finished
version of the documentation or any link to another one)? 
I'm struggling with what sources I actually need for my own program and where to "access"
the server? Is there any kind of "interface" with methods to set up the server's parameters
such as the ports etc.

I hope you can help me at least a little.

Best regards,
Thure Nebendahl
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