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From Serge Pouliquen <>
Subject Re: apache DS + thunderbird : issue with TLS, while clear is functional
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 11:04:48 GMT

Interesting question.

I'm planning to use the same piece of software on multiple devices : at 
home on my main station, at work.

An other idea is to share that piece of software with family (in order 
to have a unique address book) : some localhost, some over the wire... 
and TLS will be mandatory...
I would prefer to avoid to many different settings on each device.

At work, I don't really trust admin, but I can't really keep them out 
(they are root).

TLS is not mandatory, but I work a future idea that I would like to 

I would like to use localhost for me (in order to test modification and 
fast access) and set other other devices over the wire.

Maybe I should drop TLS for localhost connection.

I was surprised about my issue with localhost (sometimes it works, 
sometimes not).
I will try to investigate a bit more on my certificate.
I know that if I allow clear transmission (for localhost), one day I 
will configure access to that server for test purpose. Obviously, I will 
forgot to change that after the test.

Thanks a lot for previous messages, it helps me

On 07/11/17 09:55, Lothar Haeger wrote:
> Serge Pouliquen wrote:
>> Using thunderbird to connect localhost service
> Why use TLS in the first place if nothing ever goes over the wire? Is there
> anything running on your workstation you do not trust so you need to
> specifically protect your address book from it (rather than getting rid of it
> completely)?

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