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From Serge Pouliquen <>
Subject apache DS + thunderbird : issue with TLS, while clear is functional
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2017 20:00:24 GMT


I'm using apache DS embedded in a java app in order to store my address 
My thunderbird is configured to complete addresses only with that ldap 
server (not with local adress book).
When I use it without TLS, it is completely functional.
When I use TLS, I cannot complete address from compose window until I 
made a request to ldap server from address book window.

1/ Once I made one request from address book window, I got address 
completion from compose window
2/ I can stop and start thunderbird, I still have completion.
3/ I don't have any firewall
4/ url is based on localhost and certificate is acceptable (tested fine 
with address book window)
5/ I can reproduce on linux (debian stretch) and on windows 10 (client 
and software on the same machine)
6/ on linux, with wireshark, when compose window is not completing 
addresses, there is no traffic at all (on loopback)

Is someone aware of something similar ?
Have you any idea of workaround ? (go to address book window in order to 
make one request is not really acceptable)

I don't have any good reason to think apache ds is culprit (because 
looks good from adress book window).
I hope ldap is quite functional feature in thunderbird.

For particular reason, I will appreciate to switch from clear to TLS.

Thanks for apache ds software

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