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From Joel Pearson <>
Subject [Studio] Apache Directory Studio can't discover base dn for old Sun DS server [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2016 03:04:47 GMT
I'm using Apache Directory Studio (2.0.0.v20151221-M10) as an ldap browser, and a few years
back Apache Directory Studio stopped being able to discover the Base DN of a particular (old)
Sun Directory Server we have.

I found this question (
that helped discover the base DN on the command line.

This ldapsearch command shows the base DN:

    # ldapsearch -H ldap://servername-sds:389 -x -D "uid=admin,dc=company,dc=org,dc=au" -b
"" -w password -s base \* +| grep namingContexts

But according to the search logs tab of Apache Directory Studio, it uses this command to discover
the base DN:

    #!CONNECTION ldap://servername-sds:389
    #!DATE 2016-08-19T02:38:59.301
    # LDAP URL     : ldap://servername-sds:389/?namingContexts,subschemaSubentry,supportedLDAPVersion,supportedSASLMechanisms,supportedExtension,supportedControl,supportedFeatures,vendorName,vendorVersion,+,objectClass??(objectClass=*)
    # command line : ldapsearch -H ldap://servername-sds:389 -x -D "uid=admin,dc=company,dc=org,dc=au"
-W -b "" -s base "(objectClass=*)" "namingContexts" "subschemaSubentry" "supportedLDAPVersion"
"supportedSASLMechanisms" "supportedExtension" "supportedControl" "supportedFeatures" "vendorName"
"vendorVersion" "+" "objectClass"
    # baseObject   :
    # scope        : baseObject (0)
    # derefAliases : neverDerefAliases (0)
    # sizeLimit    : 0
    # timeLimit    : 0
    # typesOnly    : False
    # filter       : (objectClass=*)
    # attributes   : namingContexts subschemaSubentry supportedLDAPVersion supportedSASLMechanisms
supportedExtension supportedControl supportedFeatures vendorName vendorVersion + objectClass

    #!CONNECTION ldap://servername-sds:389
    #!DATE 2016-08-19T02:38:59.304
    # numEntries : 1

Which when run on the command line does return the namingContexts, but for some reason, Apache
Directory Studio doesn't show the base DN, which is super weird.

Any idea how I can convince Apache Directory Studio to work?  It's the best open source ldap
browser I've used so far, so it's sad it doesn't work for this particular server.

Curiously it works for other Sun DS servers, but I think I am binding with a user that has
more privileges, although it is actually finding the baseDN but not displaying it in the GUI
it seems.



PS. I posted this on super user (,
but I think this mailing list is probably more likely to be seen by the right people here
on the mailing list.  Hopefully this doesn't count as cross-posting.

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