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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Uneasy feeling about ApacheDS
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2016 09:42:36 GMT
Le 06/07/16 à 07:15, Onno van der Straaten a écrit :
> I'm new to ApacheDS and have been trying to setup a working configuration.
> Failing. I am abandoning attempts to use this and will recommending against
> using ApacheDS on the project I am currently working on.
> There are too many issues, it gives me very uneasy feeling.
>    - I tried the latest release M22, it doesn't work, fails to install on
>    Ubuntu and CentOS.

There is a bug in the wrapper-conf file that make teh script failing. I
already replied to your previous mail about how to workaround the issue,
and we are working on a quick fix for this one.
>    - I tried M20, which installs and works but found that studio does not
>    work DIRSTUDIO-889

A new version of Studio is currently being built to fix this issue
>    - Previous studio version had another issue. Open configuration does not
>    work, shows message "OID ads-basedn does not exist!".
Same problem, same solution.
>    - Purportedly studio version should match servers version so I tried
>    complete new install of M8 of studio and server. This version also produces
>    error message on open configuration ATTRIBUTE_TYPE for" OID
>    ads-dsmaxpdusize does not exist!".
> My conclusion is that there is no clear stable working ApacheDS release at
> this point. That navigating around various issues surrounding combination
> of server and studio is time consuming is one thing. The key thing however
> is that the many issues raise questions about quality.

Quality is one thing, but time is another one. Note that beside the
obvious M22 bug that was introduced lately (and will be fixed very
soon), there are workarounds :
- you don't necessarilly have to use Studio to configure ApacheDS. The
configuration is stored ina LDIF file, which can be modified using a
text editor.
- you can even use studio and connect on the server to configure it
through the entry editor.

So, what about time ? Days have 24h, we do have to sleep at some point,
say, 6h, plus a few minutes for other biological activities, that left
us around 16h per day. Out of which mainly 10 are already dedicated to
our day job. 6h left. We also have a social life (ie, spouse/husband,
children, friends. This is quite demanding.) Bottom line, I'm *very*
happy if I can spend 2h every day on the project.

Now, please consider this : ApacheDS project is quite big. The LDAP API,
APacheDS and Studio, all together, represent 659 050 SLOCs (Single Lines
of Code, ie anything that is not a blank line or a comment). Navigating
through all that takes time.

To be clear : we *do* care about quality, but quality is not a magic
things that comes for free : it requires tests, time and dedication.
Sometime, we do fuck up things (like the latest M22 release I just cut
last week). If you wonder why I didn't announced it, that just because
someone found the pb with the strating script on linux.

What can we do about it ? Well, fix it asap, something we are working
on, if you have 2 minutes of your time to spend on the dev mailing list
you'll see that we are discussing about the pb and the fix
That's what we do on our side, plus spending time answering user's mail

Now, what ? Well, I would urge you to try to workaround, and provide
some feedback about it. This is not the perfect solution, but at least,
that will let you play with the server and studio. As I already said in
my first answer : fill a JIRA. This really help us tracking issues.

In the mean time, complaining about 'quality' does not bring you
anywhere : we already are perfectly aware of this issue, and we are
already working on it. Ok, I know, you are venting your frustration on
the mailing list, yada yada. That's fine. But be constructive : read the
mails, try the workarounds, fill JIRA, that is really helping...


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