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From Richard Sand <>
Subject ApacheDS exception saving configuration
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2016 15:00:45 GMT
Hi - I've installed a clean w2k8 VM and installed ApacheDS and ADStudio. 
I can bind to both 10389 and 10636 with uid=admin,ou=system and was able 
to create my schema extensions. But when I try to do anything with the 
configuration, e.g. turning off anonymous binds, or creating a new 
partition, I get a generic Exception when saving the configuration.

Unable to save configuration.
  - Changes could not be saved to the connection.
java.lang.Exception: Changes could not be saved to the connection.

In the instance log, I see:

[10:58:24] ERROR 
[] - ERR_55 
Trying to remove an non-existant attribute: attributetype ( NAME 'ads-indexCacheSize'
     DESC 'The number of key we store in the cache for this index'
     EQUALITY integerMatch
     ORDERING integerOrderingMatch
     USAGE userApplications )

I'm not sure why this error is happening - the adsconfig schema is 
clearly listed in the server's ou=schema.

Any advice?

Studio Version: 2.0.0.v20151221-M10
ADS Version: 2.0.0-M21

Best regards,


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