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From "Lothar Haeger" <>
Subject Re: Get the count of matching results for a search
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2016 12:11:06 GMT
Emmanuel L├ęcharny wrote:

> > Often organizations need to know how many entries are present within a
> > directory or container for audit purposes of security, legal, billing or
> > other purposes.
> Ok, why not. But LDAP does not provide such a mechanism. Even if the
> search engine knows about how many entries are going to be returned I
> see no standard way to send it back to the requester (it would require a
> dedicated control or extended operation).

You are talking about search result count, Jim talks about the number of
subordinates in a container. Not sure about the OP, wording suggests count of
search results, the reference to an earlier forum post mentiones

A simple operational attribute can present the latter just like Sun/Oracle DSEE
does with numSubordinates or Edirectory with subordinateCount. There are
definitely use cases for this, as well as reference implementations. Would be
nice if a similar operational attribute would make it into ApachDS, too.

Have a nice weekend, Lothar

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