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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Get the count of matching results for a search
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2016 10:46:41 GMT
Le 26/02/16 11:34, Jim Willeke a écrit :
> numberSuborinates is not (at least what I have seen) used to show the
> number of results, but rather the count of entries within a container entry.

> Often organizations need to know how many entries are present within a
> directory or container for audit purposes of security, legal, billing or
> other purposes.

Ok, why not. But LDAP does not provide such a mechanism. Even if the
search engine knows about how many entries are going to be returned I
see no standard way to send it back to the requester (it would require a
dedicated control or extended operation).

What I would see as a valid requirement is to keep a track of all
operations that have been done on an audit part of the DIrectory server,
with informations like the number of returned entries.

OTOH, such demand are pretty equivalent to people wanting to do
something likle a SQL "select count(*) ..." which is frequently severly
abused request (how many times have I seen people writing code that
first does a select count(*) before doing the same request again,
allegedly to "know about the number of elements I will get back, to
correctly manage my web page presentation" ?)

> When you have 1,000 or even perhaps 100,000 this is a minor item as you can
> just do a search.

You are likely to hit the configured limit anyway...

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