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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: DHCP using Apache directory server
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2016 19:57:04 GMT
Le 01/02/16 20:22, Sherman Lilly a écrit :
> Remember from previous post that I modified the dhcp schema to fix a
> attribute description bug. But when I create the attribute it is list in
> the drop down list when I select it. Also when I load the schema in a
> schema browser it shows up.

Studio will shwo all the schema elements it can read. That does not mea
that the server will accept them, if for instance the dhcp schela is

Can you tell me what the value of the m-disabled attribute when you
click on the cn=dhcp,ou=schema entry on your server's DIT ? If it's
TRUE, change it to FALSE, save the changed entry, and restart your server.

I just tested it, it works (and I get the same error when the dhcp
schema m-disabled attribute is TRUE)

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