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From "Michael J. Huber" <>
Subject Migrate from NIS+ to ApacheDS
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2015 18:53:55 GMT
New to LDAP and working to migrate (replace) NIS+ with ApacheDS.



1.       pass-through authentication to existing AD

2.       override AD UID in LDAP

3.       groups in LDAP

4.       Support RHEL 4-7, Solaris 8-10, and other flavors of Linux


Found LDIF for pass-through to AD but, it was for an earlier version of
ApacheDS (running v2.0.0 M20).  ApacheDS and Studio are installed, StartTLS
configured and mucked around a bit.  Hoping for a pointer in the right


Much Appreciated.



Michael J. Huber

Information Systems Security Manager

Senior System Administrator

Raytheon Solipsys


240.554.8147 (office)

240.565.2903 (cell)


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