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From Pierre Smits <>
Subject Fwd: [jira] Subscription: Patch Available in OFBiz
Date Sat, 07 Nov 2015 09:50:06 GMT
FYI: This weeks list of available patches.

Best regards,

Pierre Smits

*OFBiz Extensions Marketplace*

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From: <>
Date: Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 2:01 AM
Subject: [jira] Subscription: Patch Available in OFBiz

Issue Subscription
Filter: Patch Available in OFBiz (173 issues)
Patch Available issues in OFBiz
Subscriber: pfm.smits

Key         Summary
OFBIZ-6711  Have configuration options regarding widgets
OFBIZ-6697  CommunicationServices.createAttachmentContent duplicates
attachments for existing CommunicationEvents
OFBIZ-6696  Remove tooltip="${uiLabelMap.CommonNotModifRecreat}" from
display fields
OFBIZ-6685  changeProductionRunStatus service does not honor the
OFBIZ-6667  Remove limitation regarding menu-name in ofbiz-component.xsd
OFBIZ-6648  Finalizing an ecommerce order with payment via a 3rd party
payment provider requires additional roles
OFBIZ-6573  Problem setting up First Customer with Seed Data
OFBIZ-6556  Have the means to create a cmssite component in the hot-deploy
OFBIZ-6549  workeffort/control/addTimesheetToInvoice missing workEffort for
call to createTimeEntryInvoiceItemsInline
OFBIZ-6510  Replace webtools/control/view/ModelInduceFromDb with widgets
OFBIZ-6508  webtools/control/view/ModelInduceFromDb should support
OFBIZ-6462  Redesign ordermgr/control/EditQuoteRole to resemble
OFBIZ-6455  Bootstrap modal for lookup screens
OFBIZ-6452  Bad Lookup Field
OFBIZ-6448  Have configuration options regarding
OFBIZ-6427  Implement FindService record grouping/summarization
OFBIZ-6419  Improve form widget find functionality as a generic reporting
tool to offer more power to the end user
OFBIZ-6418  Allow form widget find fields handle ignore-when to control
hiding of result grid/form
OFBIZ-6386  compareBigDecimals in
org.ofbiz.minilang.method.conditional.Compare does not compare certain
values correctly
OFBIZ-6377  Add WorkEffortAssoc screen
OFBIZ-6376  Add WorkEffortFixedAssetAssign.estimatedQuantity
OFBIZ-6361  createQuoteItem should display EditQuoteItem page instead of
ListQuoteItems when error occurs like updateQuoteItem controller settings
OFBIZ-6360  Form widget rendering broken for
OFBIZ-6353  Replace with form widget
OFBIZ-6350  Hide blank form widget rows
OFBIZ-6349  Replace ViewQuoteItems.ftl with form widgets
OFBIZ-6330  The invoiceTaxTotal value is missing from
createAcctgTransForPurchaseInvoice service
OFBIZ-6328  createProductionRunsForOrder service doesn't handle cancelled
production runs
OFBIZ-6320  Replace EditProductAssoc ftl with widgets
OFBIZ-6318  EditProductAssoc links to navigate to same page instead of
OFBIZ-6311  Order Manager ViewQuote screen should display party name and
link to party manager
OFBIZ-6307  Add ability to change Routing statuses
OFBIZ-6303  Remove as it has been declared
OFBIZ-6302  Ftl to Widget: improve ViewCertificate to use widgets in stead
of ftl
OFBIZ-6294  Have configuration options for workeffort
OFBIZ-6255  Add support for InventoryItemDetail.inventoryTransferId tracking
OFBIZ-6231  Have a function to manage the configuration of the BI component
OFBIZ-6226  Webpos F4-F11 label mismatch
OFBIZ-6224  Rename in special purpose/lucene to
OFBIZ-6193  Have configuration options for bi
OFBIZ-6192  Have configuration options for catalog
OFBIZ-6191  Have configuration options for ordermgr
OFBIZ-6184  Add setting of activeApp in CommonScreens.xml of AR and AP
OFBIZ-6175  Replace findInventoryEventPlan.ftl with form widgets
OFBIZ-6165  Improve FindScreenDecorator to work with configurability of
Search Find Screens per app.
OFBIZ-6128  Move JCR screens, etc from example into new special purpose
OFBIZ-6125  Move SeoConfig.xml to e-commerce
OFBIZ-6107  Quote report should open in a new window
OFBIZ-6042  Allow inventory transfers based on Product instead of only
OFBIZ-6026  Creating a QuoteRole doesn't return to overview of QuoteRoles
OFBIZ-6012  Show "Create Return" button on order view screen other than
when order status is complete
OFBIZ-6009  PartyRole Lifespan fields - Have MarketingCampaignRole entity
work with the change
OFBIZ-6003  PartyRole Lifespan fields - Have Invoice screens/forms work
with the change
OFBIZ-6001  PartyRole Lifespan fields - Have InvoiceRole entity work with
the change
OFBIZ-5996  PartyRole Lifespan fields - Have events & services regarding
AgreementRole work with the change
OFBIZ-5994  Have view-entity AgreementAndRole removed
OFBIZ-5989  PartyRole Lifespan fields - Have Agreement screens/forms work
with the change
OFBIZ-5978  PartyRole Lifespan fields - Have events & services regarding
PartyRole work with the change
OFBIZ-5967  PartyRole Lifespan fields - Have Resource in ProjectMgr
screens/forms work with the change
OFBIZ-5966  Update SeedData re PartyRole lifespan fields
OFBIZ-5965  PartyRole Lifespan fields - Have PartyRole screens/forms work
with the change
OFBIZ-5959  Add lifespan fields to PartyRole and dependency refactoring
OFBIZ-5948  Form Widget doesn't use thead or tbody with list forms
OFBIZ-5865  Have the ability to generate a quote when request is of type
'Request for proposal'
OFBIZ-5851  Add ability to assign parties to Production Schemas
OFBIZ-5840  Create bootstrap theme
OFBIZ-5785  Extend freemakerImports support to allow more than one
OFBIZ-5757  Remove tenant data from the demo data set
OFBIZ-5746  BOM managment from manufactured configurable product
OFBIZ-5701  Bug SQL Count Distinct command in
OFBIZ-5672  UOM conversion for supplier and sale order
OFBIZ-5583  Amount in cash is greater than total due in webpos
OFBIZ-5572  recreateOrderAdjustments service doesn't calculate the New
promotion adjustment amount correctly
OFBIZ-5550  'existingOrderAdjustmentTotal' does not take into consideration
the 'previous' promotional adjustment created in Order cancellation.
OFBIZ-5505  findInventoryEventPlan.ftl styling inconsistencies
OFBIZ-5485  Improve induceFieldType() of to handle MSSQL
OFBIZ-5445  Have Ordermgr and eCommerce components reflect the new
situation re iDEAL
OFBIZ-5444  Create patch for removal of IDEAL code
OFBIZ-5428  Add ability to quote quantity ranges
OFBIZ-5410  External File Import/Export: A New Design
OFBIZ-5400  Improve shopping cart to better handle a large number of ship
groups and item associations
OFBIZ-5393  Improve product features and feature selection order entry to
better handle highly configurable products
OFBIZ-5387  Improve to allow purchase order ship method options
OFBIZ-5386  SupplierProduct Not Found error when adding variantProduct with
new feature selection combination
OFBIZ-5365  bsh-2.0b4.jar has an annoying System.out in it
OFBIZ-5331  Change EntityComparisonOperator to use compareTo()
OFBIZ-5315  view-entity complex-alias field name bug when view-entities
reference other view-entities
OFBIZ-5303  Attic defunct 'iDeal' code
OFBIZ-5298  iDEAL Configuration and Documentation
OFBIZ-5282  Introduce Accounting ledger segmentation
OFBIZ-5250  Support for assigning a sales representative to a custome/order
OFBIZ-5241  Have PIN payment transactions
OFBIZ-5213  Continue to rollback transactions after IllegalStateException
OFBIZ-5199  Complex Alias is not working with default value.
OFBIZ-5164  Patch: Refactor Ofbiz*Transform to reduce deduplication
OFBIZ-5130  getProductCost causes stack overflow if product has mutual
OFBIZ-5116  Bulk creation of products via excel upload and product image
content via zip file upload
OFBIZ-5115  wrong COUNT DISTINCT if there's GROUP BY clause
OFBIZ-5060  Add portlet PartyContents and enhance Jquery-upload
OFBIZ-5059  Move all Party profile screenlet to Portlet using PortletWidget
function (show-portlet)
OFBIZ-5028  Add converter for StringWrapper
OFBIZ-5024  Modifying data retrieval and storage logic.
OFBIZ-4975  updatePortletSeqDragDrop is not working in PortalPage management
OFBIZ-4956  "auth" should be true for all the request url used for
Application components.
OFBIZ-4954  Order item quantity cancel issue.
OFBIZ-4944  Allow bussiness to configure the maximum number of quantity of
any single product, can be purchase from store in single order.
OFBIZ-4939  ClassLoader instance should be initialized with
Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() instead of
OFBIZ-4931  Proposal to remove catalog's "Template Path Prefix" and
"Content Path Prefix"
OFBIZ-4926  renderLookupField macro: get a form element by "ID" instead of
OFBIZ-4891  Add a Form attribute for simulate a click on a link included in
the form(which not include a submit button) when "Enter button" is pressed
on keyboard
OFBIZ-4890  add field new-line in PortalColumn, to be able to have multiple
"line" in PortalPage, ex: top of screen two column and bottom only one
column, like in ProjectPage
OFBIZ-4889  screenlet list navigation, corrections and ajax management
OFBIZ-4888  Some generic PortletEditForm, usually needed
OFBIZ-4886  portletUilabel : add a portlet decorator by component to be
sure that a portlet from a component can be used in an other component
without label problem
OFBIZ-4885  Support for closure, if and loop for inline groovy script in
set filed of action tag.
OFBIZ-4880  ajaxSubmitRequestUpdateAreas JavaScript function should be able
to update content-messages
OFBIZ-4850  When Use Add Tax button  on invoice summary, duplicate existed
tax line
OFBIZ-4848  Create return invoice from invoice
OFBIZ-4782  load field info by a factory
OFBIZ-4769  Editing of product suppliers is not working for the Germany
OFBIZ-4761  Adding some translations for French
OFBIZ-4755  E-commerce search does not always functioning correctly
OFBIZ-4746  portlet-help : help file on development using portlet
OFBIZ-4745  portlet-example : example portalPage with portlet using new
functionality (portletType and showPortlet)
OFBIZ-4743  icon-purpose : same concept as uiLabel but for icons, a
property file to address icons by a logical name
OFBIZ-4742  Portlet Widget
OFBIZ-4699  Error in getProductInventoryAvailable with french formated
OFBIZ-4687  Add attributes value and type for script tag in screen, form.
Default type is groovy and value can be a little script.
OFBIZ-4674  Human Resource Manager Tree
OFBIZ-4597  Support for arbitrary bodyParts in sendMailFromScreen
OFBIZ-4547  renderDateTimeField Freemarker macro ignores framework
date-time format settings
OFBIZ-4514  Taxes are not handled correctly when creating accounting
transactions from purchase invoices
OFBIZ-4513  Make customer refunds possible for billing account payments
OFBIZ-4502  Improved CMS tree: more functionality and faster for large trees
OFBIZ-4501  Incorrect use of eca for create/updateShipment
OFBIZ-4483  Upload content file with upload form and on-event-update-area
OFBIZ-4467  Improve auto-fields-entity (select include field and auto
OFBIZ-4427  Possible runtime errors with UtilValidate.isEmpty(Object)
should be rather caught during compilation
OFBIZ-4379  Get first from list tag in screen's and form's action tag.
OFBIZ-4365  Verify Pick ignores ship group/picklist bin
OFBIZ-4331  trival update to in case the entityAlias
is empty
OFBIZ-4301  Make container tag (screen) more flexible
OFBIZ-4285  Performance : GenericDao does not always use complete
OFBIZ-4274  Implement a REST Servlet
OFBIZ-4259  Add famfamfam icons has generic and add possibility to surchage
OFBIZ-4215  Customize contentRootId for showcontenttree screen
OFBIZ-4206  Project Manager throws error if project user is not assigned to
every project
OFBIZ-4160  Tax not added for order shipping or promotion
OFBIZ-4119  Form Widget hyperlink issue.
OFBIZ-4098  Ability to plug a new Cache Implementation
OFBIZ-4041  Materialized views
OFBIZ-4021  Adding columns filtering fields in form widget
OFBIZ-3913  Automated action triggered by event
OFBIZ-3870  Extend GenericEntityExceptions and provide subclasses for
different types of database errors
OFBIZ-3847  Entity ECAs not triggered correctly when using
Delegator.storeAll() method
OFBIZ-3825  Proposal for adding new functionality in Leave sub tab under HR
OFBIZ-3764  Party Relationship Sub-Class
OFBIZ-3634  ProductPromoWorker PROMO_GWP hard-codes a required inventory
OFBIZ-3583  Resolve two issues with scheduled jobs related to clean-up
OFBIZ-3575  Union view entity support
OFBIZ-3557  Enforced sequence does not work with concurrent access
OFBIZ-3502  Layout improvement of ecommerce.
OFBIZ-3435  Ebay integration
OFBIZ-3155  Enhancing the useability of SFA by including an overview of the
agreements of the account into the Account Screen
OFBIZ-3074  HTML clean up for editShoppingList.ftl.
OFBIZ-3030  Allow override special promo price specified in action amount
OFBIZ-2995  Layout improvement for showing cart properly on order entry
page for bizznesstime theme.
OFBIZ-2987  Html clean up of quick add page.
OFBIZ-2985  Html cleanup of advanced search page.
OFBIZ-2976  view-entity with condition-expr joined with another view-entity
as rel-optional=true is treated as rel-optional=false
OFBIZ-1690  Set widget default url encode value to true
OFBIZ-1032  EntitySaxReader mostly-insert (store after create-error) Fix
OFBIZ-817   Require Inventory of Marketing Package Product can't be shipped

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