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From Alexandros Karypidis <>
Subject Backend storage error caused 'phantom' entry
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2015 09:25:05 GMT
Hi all,

I am running a 2.0.0-M20 version server and came across an issue.

There is a 'ghost' entry in the database, which is there, but also isn't there. What I mean

1) If I try to create an entry with that DN (ldapmodify with changetype add) the server complains
that the entry already exists (ERR_250_ENTRY_ALREADY_EXISTS)

2) If I try to update/delete the entry with that DN (ldapmodify with changetype replace/replace)
the server says that there's no such entry present (NO_SUCH_OBJECT)

When I navigate using apache directory studio to the DN, the entry does not appear on the
tree view, as if it doesn't exist...


- is there some "fix database" tool I can use to scan the backend storage and identify issues?
- since the DB seems to be readable otherwise, what is the best way to "dump" contents of
the entire paritition, recreate it and try to re-import the contents?

At the moment I've taken a backup of all Root DSEs using Apache Directory Studio (export to
LDIF) which includes the system/config/schema. However, I am really using the standard schema
that ships by default and only have some config changes. I also stoppped the server and took
a .tar.gz backup of the instance root (complete with logs, config, etc).


Some information on what happened before this:

- I was running a script to import some entries (including the offending one) with ldapmodify

- I ran an ldapsearch to check the import, and it got stuck
- Repeated attempts to connect with ldapsearch seemed to get stuck forever (minutes with no

- since the server seemed to be frozen and I did a stop followed by a start
- everything was back to normal, with the exception of this recently added entry

Now, in the logs I see the following errors:

[14:21:10] ERROR [] - ERR_00009_MORE_TLV_EXPECTED
The PDU is decoded, but we should have had more TLVs

[14:21:10] WARN [] - Unexpected exception
forcing session to close: sending disconnect notice to client.
ERR_00010_TRUNCATED_PDU Truncated
PDU. Some elements are lacking, accordingly to the grammar (Hexdump: [huge dump of byte values

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