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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Question about fetching attributes
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2015 13:38:51 GMT
Le 18/09/15 13:47, Syed Mudassir a écrit :
> Hi Everybody,
>    I am able to connect to Windows Active Directory.  I am able to lookup an 
> object and get the attributes.  However, this is the problem I am facing.
>    Suppose an entry has 'm' attributes out of which 'n' attributes are assigned 
> values.  The remaining attributes are simply unassigned.
>    When I do search or lookup operation, I am getting only 'n' attributes 
> listed.  I need the reamining (m-n) attributes as well.
>    Anyone can help how to do that?

The list of attributes that an entry can contain is available in the
combinaison of ObjectClasses this entry is subject to. Two things though :
- ObjectClasses can inherit from some other ObjectClasses, and those
parent ObjectClasses may not be present in teh Entry. You will have to
know about them on the client side
- if one of the ObjectClass is extensibleObject, then the entry may
contain *any* attribute, even some that the server does not support.

In any case, your client application must have some knowledge about your
LDAP server schema.

Otherwise, any reason you need to know which are the missing attributes ?

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