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From Dariush Behboudi <>
Subject Must change password policy
Date Fri, 22 May 2015 10:05:33 GMT
I’m trying to force a user (let’s say, USER_A) to change his password when the system
admin resets it.
I’m using apache directory studio to make my tests.
I’ve enabled the password policy and when I reset the USER_A password logged as system the
pwdReset=TRUE is created for this user.
Now, I create a new connection for USER_A with the new password created by the system user;
what I’d expect would be that, connecting with the USER_A profile, the user should be asked
to change his password but nothing happens;
the same happens even logging with other ldap clients such as Jxplorer.
All the other password policies (history, min length, account locked and expired) are working
as expected.
Am I missing anything? 
Best regards,
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