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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Apache DS 2.0-M20 - OSGI integration
Date Tue, 12 May 2015 16:51:56 GMT
Le 12/05/15 18:23, GATTAZ Olivier a écrit :
> Bonjour,
> I have the goal to integrate an instance of Apache DS 2.0 in a
specific OSGi server build on top of the Apache Felix OSGi framework.
> As the parts of apache DS server are OSGi bundles available in maven
central, I think that the work is not so complicated but I didn’t find a
documentation giving the informations to start…
> Where can I find documentations and snippets to begin the work ?

We have partial support for OSGi in ApacheDS. Currently, the LDAP API is
fully OSGi compliant, but not the server. This is something that has to
be completed.

It would require some additional work :
- check the maven felix bundle declaration of each of the Apache DS
module (around 50 modules)
- be sure we don't have missing imports and exports
- be sure we don't have overlapping packages
- we might need to add some activators

Some efforts to make ApacheDS OSGi compliant have been started 3 years
ago, in this branch :
I think it's quite outdated, but not necessarily far from what needs to
be done.

In any case, we would be pleased to reboot this effort !

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