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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Adding larrge number of password policies is slow
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2015 04:17:57 GMT
Le 03/02/15 16:36, Kiran Ayyagari a écrit :
> On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 10:57 PM, David Paulsen <>
> wrote:
>> Hello...
>> Our application is a hosted, multi-tenant application where we have 1000's
>> organzations (ou's), with each having it's own password policy. I have a
>> Java
>> utility that adds all the policies to ApacheDS. Adding the first few
>> hundred
>> adds take 2-3 seconds each, which is OK. But as the number of policies
>> increases, the time to add new policies steadily increases too. For
>> example,
>> adding the 5300th (yes we have that many!) takes about 15 seconds. Note
>> that
>> the time to add orgs (ou's) and users (uid's) stays pretty constant (200-
>> 500ms)
> this is expected, cause the configuration is stored in a text file
> and each update on this partition results in re-writing the entire config
> file

I wonder if there is not a way to tell the server to use the multi-file
version of the config, which would make it much faster...

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