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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: ADS2 setAllowAnonymousAccess
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2015 13:13:03 GMT
Le 30/01/15 10:30, brock samson a écrit :
> i am using ads2 as my credentials repository, so i created a ou=mycompany,ou=com partition,
and i store user accounts in the form of inetOrgPerson at ou=users,ou=mycompany,ou=com. i
am connecting via JNDI successfully as as long as setAllowAnonymousAccess is  set to true.
the problem is that this setting also allows for anonymous access to to ldap via directory
studio, which is not acceptable in my case. yet the moment setAllowAnonymousAccess is set
to false, i am not able to connect to that ldap instance via JNDI despite disclosing valid
credentials. how can i maintain the ability to authenticate users while keeping anonymous
users from accessing my ldap instance? thanks!
What credentials are you using  (DN and password)? What is the
associated entry looking like ?

You either have not provided the right DN - you can check if you access
to the entry and that it contains the password as anonymous), or this
entry is not containing a userPassword attribute, or the password is not

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